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  1. trash.binh91

    Binh's Fish/Pet Room Makeover....Extravaganza??

    If it's not clear from the title of the thread....I've got plans in store to redo my room into where my non-human children will reside along side me. Some of the plans I have are starting quite soon, so why not start a little journal now instead of later? Anything I plan doesn't have a specific...
  2. trash.binh91

    Sick bettas!

    Hi everybody, I come to you today with grim news. I had been putting off a water change for the past few weeks (which we all know is bad but I couldn’t help it, I was so focused on school and balancing that, which was easily 10+ hours of that a day, even on weekends. Waking up late doesn’t help...
  3. trash.binh91

    Java Fern Propogation

    Weeks ago I noticed these long strings on the back of my fern. Thought it was some weird bug, so I decided not to check it out because "ew". But it was baby java fern! There's been a few more recently. How do I care for them?
  4. trash.binh91

    Friendly Debate Club

    Ok, so I had this idea with @JuiceBox52 to make a friendly, joke debate. There will be absolutely NO heated arguments. It should go like this : What's better, America or Canada? Debater 1 : America. We have more money. Debater 2 : Canada. We have Justin Trudeau. Debater 1 : ….yeah, you're...
  5. trash.binh91

    Surgery or Edit?? Hmmm.... Here's my genuine question that honestly is a mystery of life. Did Khloe...
  6. trash.binh91


    @Salty&Onion last week, who said only her and @Colin_T, the werewolf, can break the forum. When I heard this, I said BET :P So I got some help from some friends of mine who are good at breaking the internet. So, let's see how much damage I can do :P.
  7. trash.binh91

    Peacock Gudgeon Sexing

    These are my two fish, what gender are they?
  8. trash.binh91

    This thread is 42 days late....

    Hey guys! 42 days ago, I put new fish in my new tanks! I've kept it on the down low until now. Here's my stocking. 2 Male Bettas in a 1.5 gallon tank (they're fighting but they'll get over it) 1 Oscar in a 20 gallon tank (really pretty) 4 Blue Tangs in a 29 gallon saltwater tank. Don't...
  9. trash.binh91

    Birdwatchers/Animal Watchers?

    Hey, I was wondering how much of the community does either of the above or both for that matter, because I am possibly planning something that the forum could appreciate taking part in, so yeah I guess. Also, we could also discuss these activities on this thread, so feel free! I personally look...
  10. trash.binh91

    trash.binh91's Food Chronicles

    So, I have been baking (and cooking, but baking as a prime interest) much over the past few years. Ever since quarantine, I've been pretty much doing it a LOT more than usual, so I've decided to share some of my ventures here! Feel free to share tips or what not as well if you'd like! About...
  11. trash.binh91

    Snails in tank

    Hey ya'll! I have a 5g divided betta tank with two male bettas (I know, divided 5g isn't the best, but it is still around 2.5g each side and this happened bc of an impulse buy:blush:). After cycling the tank two or three months ago I noticed one snail that was pretty large (surprising bc there...
  12. trash.binh91

    API GH/KH Test Kit Help

    Ok, so I received the API test kit for hardness, and I'm trying the KH right now. So, when adding the drops one by one and inverting in between each drop, the water turns a more dark blue. I think I'm at 13 drops with no change! My GH was at 5 and it seems fine to me, but I don't know if this is...
  13. trash.binh91

    WCMM Breeding/Gender Issues

    I have 5 WCMM, three longfin, two normal. I don't care if they breed or not, though I know that there is one egg-heavy female. I also don't know their sexes. How should I prepare for the eggs?
  14. trash.binh91

    Using Boiled Driftwood Water?

    So today I boiled some driftwood, and I have the tea-stained black water left over. It is tap water, so if I conditioned it, could I use it for my fish tank?
  15. trash.binh91

    Shrimp lost color.

    I am confused and panicked right now. My two red cherry shrimp, like 10 minutes ago, were laying lifeless. Dead. Thank the lords they were not, and as I came back to realism, I saw that they have lost their color! One has its red, back, though the other one looks as if it is sort of blue near...
  16. trash.binh91

    trash.binh91's Master Plan for the Next Year

    So....yesterday I had my birthday party. Boom. My friend got me a betta that I was totally unprepared for. This made me do this: get a filter, cycle another tank, move a fish, move another fish into another tank. And in the midst of that, I'm setting up two new tanks! So it's gonna be hard, and...
  17. trash.binh91


    My female honey gourami is staying at the bottom of the tank at an angle, there is another male in there. I just noticed it today, could it be an early stage of dropsy?
  18. trash.binh91

    New to the forum, but not to fishkeeping

    Hi everyone, I am here since I was suddenly for an unknown reason banned from Fishlore (any others from fishlore?). I have 3 tanks, a 6 gallon tank with 3 honey gouramis (I know, I know its not a good setup), a 1.5 cycling planted tank (will have shrimp). I also have a temporary 10 gallon for...