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  1. tallentemma

    Fish in cycle going on 2 months

    I'll just jump right in and say that I've been doing an emergency fish in cycle for 2 mo this now and nothing has changed with readings. This is a 20 gallon fancy goldfish tank with a hang on back filter and sponge filter. I do water changes everyday to make sure my fish doesnt get harmed...
  2. tallentemma

    Will this help my fish-in cycle?

    Hello to all! I recently posted here asking for advice because my emergency fish in cycle wasn't going well. All is well at the moment with my fish but the problem is the tank water isn't making any progress. Ammonia is still present when I don't do water changes everyday and it's been about 3...
  3. tallentemma

    My filter broke, help!

    Hello everyone I'm new to this website and also new to the fish keeping hobby. I have two freshwater tanks 10 and 20 gallon. The 2p gallon is the problem child. I have 1 fancy goldfish and everything was well with a fully cycled tank until the filter broke. It's been a week and the ammonia has...