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  1. catphish

    A photo dump of some of favourite tank inhabitants :)

    2 of my newest and final additions, 6 emperor tetras. My sweetheart betta Dame Edna Bad picture because he's hard to spot but my bamboo shrimp Guy Crevette One of my 5 Kuhlis Little resting Sterbai 2 of my little amanos clocking in for the night shift and one of my 3 little endler bois
  2. catphish

    Freed from fry, gained guppy guilt

    As I have been posting about lately I recently upgraded my OG 20 gallon aquarium to a 29 gallon and starting over from scratch after the trial and error that was my first tank has given me such joy and entertainment. It dawned on me this morning while I was watching my tank that I would never...
  3. catphish

    My 29 gallon is finally cycles and stocked!

    Did a minor rescape before stocking but everything is starting to grow and I can't wait to see what she looks like in the next few months!
  4. catphish

    Another mystery egg clutch in the same day different tank - is today my own personal mothers day?

    I feel like I have posted a ton today but I was just adjusting some things in my 10 gallon and found these eggs on my heater and under some water wisteria - the rest of the tank inhabitants are all livebearing fish/snails so they are off the hook for child support. My only other two options...
  5. catphish

    What ARE these eggs in my cycling aquarium?!

    These appeared in my aquarium overnight, the tank is cycling and the plants and sponge filter are from my established tank so I was prepared for hitchhiker rams horns and MTS or Assassin Snails. The substrate, this rock and my driftwood was brand new from the store and I scrubbed and disinfected...
  6. catphish

    Do these parameters make sense for day 2 of a seeded, fishless cycle?

    Hello everyone, I am doing my first fishless cycle using ammonia and have a question about whether or not the parameters I am getting make sense. So I set everything up yesterday afternoon and added a sponge filter and a filter sponge (and a bunch of plant cuttings) from my established tank...
  7. catphish

    Upgraded to a 29 gallon this is day one of it's fishless cycle!

    Best of luck to the plants in there! Can't wait to see it grow out, but also once it is cycled I will be salvaging and transplanting some plants from my current 20 gallon community tank.
  8. catphish

    Allow myself to introduce myself

    Hello Everyone, What a lovely community! I have been lurking for a little while as I have only been keeping aquariums for the past 2 and a half years but slowly it has taken over my life. I currently run a planted 10 gallon with male endlers, kuhli loaches and red cherry shrimp and am...