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    Cycle issues

    Hi how long will the bacteria last for if I don’t dose ammonia in a fishless cycle. Worried nitrites are not coming down so not added a dose for 3 days.
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    Fishless cycle

    hi, I am 10 days into a fishless cycle. As yet I have notice a drop in ammonia but no rise in nitrites. They did go up one day to 0.25 but dropped the next. Since then nothing. Current readings are Ammonia between 1 and 2ppm Nitrites 0 Nitrate 5ppm (Same as tap water) Ph 8.2 Water hardness I...
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    Ph issues

    I have been monitoring Ph levels. I tested my tap water after 24hrs sitting and they are reading as 8.2ppm. my tank which is currently going through a fishless cycle is reading 8ppm worried this is going to limit the fish i can keep and if anyone has any advice please?