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  1. chrisdenyer

    stocking 45L tank

    Hi guys, so my 45L tank had been housing a dwarf gourami, but sadly he died this week. I have three purple harlequin rasbora in there at the mo (originally 6), and am trying to decide how to restock it. (I can move the rasbora if need be depending on what I go for, or rebuild the shoal) My...
  2. chrisdenyer

    change in molly behaviour

    Hi guys, I wonder if anyone can tell me if they've noticed mollies becoming more shy, and whether it might be a sign of anything bad? I doubt there's anything wrong, my mollies are behaving perfectly normally (as far as I can tell) when I watch them from across the room but recently they've...
  3. chrisdenyer

    10G Tank Stocking

    Hi guys, so I have a 10g tank which currently has 5 rummnynose tetras, and I really want to get a cockatoo apisto, or a pair since it seems pretty hard to find them for sale singly... I've read a lot of stuff saying that the apisto can work in a 10g with a school of tetra, wondered what you guys...
  4. chrisdenyer

    Possibly Stressed Out Molly?

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone has any insight into some strange Molly behaviour? I moved two of my 4 month olds into a temprary 30L as my main 90L tank was a little crowded (my first four mollies, who were supposed to all be female, weren't...population now under control!) They seemed pretty...