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  1. Ian.ryan


    Hi I have my first fish in my new tank, fish and plants doing well ammonia is 0 nitrite is 0 nitrate is 40 ppm. over the last couple of day, I have noticed that the water has become cloudy, the fish have been in 4 days so tonight I have cleaned the glass and cleaned the gravel and the top filter...
  2. Ian.ryan

    First fish

    We now have our first 5 fish now the ammonia and nitrite is down to 0
  3. Ian.ryan

    2 weeks into my new aquarium setup

    Here is an image of how my first Aquarium looks.
  4. Ian.ryan

    Two weeks in to New Aquarium setup

    Update on my first Aquarium, I'm doing a fish-less cycle of my tank things seam to be going well, I'm two weeks in and Ammonia is 0.25 Nitrite 2 + Spiked at 5, Nitrate 40PPM (Hard water area). I have done a water change today 52 litres added some Stress coat and some Stress-zyme+ and i'll check...
  5. Ian.ryan


    Hi I'm looking at getting a Rio 180 tropical tank is the a good tank for a beginner or any recommendations on tanks.