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    mystery snail care questions!

    i just got mine yesterday and didn't expect to like a snail this much (he is a ton of fun to watch!), i want to give this guy the best care/diet possible. he is in quarantine right now (5 gallon with some floating plants and a moss ball for now) but will be going into a 10 gallon tank. I'll be...
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    My endlers were fine one day and now one is dead, the other has a bent body, can't swim (lying at the bottom of the tank) and is gasping

    they were fine yesterday morning when i fed them, and i came downstairs today and found one dead and one barely able to swim. his body is curved, he can't swim and just scoots around the bottom of the tank and he is gasping. i've been treating the tank with paraguard for 2 of the other fish in...
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    is this fin rot or tearing?

    for some reason both my tanks are seeing issues recently, and i need some advice about my betta, lava. when i first got him, he had some minor fin rot. this healed up all on its own thanks to the good water quality + tank size, but then i noticed a small split in his fin. it seemed to be...
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    one of my corydoras has a hole in his side, another has a fungus?

    Tank size: 10 gallons tank age: 4 months pH: 7.2 ammonia: .50 ppm ammonia (this is a bit high, the antibiotics likely hurt my bb/cycle a bit so i'm dosing prime and doing water changes, taking care of this issue). nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0. it is heavily planted but idk why i'm not getting any...
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    Bronze corydora lost a LOT of color during one hour paraguard bath, is it worth it to do one again?

    so one of my corydoras has what i believe is a bacteria infection. i'm treating it with paraguard and just gave him a bath at half dose of the suggested amount. but he lost a LOT of color, think close to what an albino corydora looks like. i won't do this again if it's super stressful and will...
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    weird white hole/spot on the side of my corydora! please help

    Tank size: 10 gallons tank age: 3 months pH: 7.2 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 0 (which is weird, i have a heavily planted tank, but i was doing daily 20% water changes, you'll understand as i explain it later in this post) kH: don't have a kit for this gH: don't have a kit for this tank...
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    the most dominant endler in the tank went missing, now one of the other endlers is being bullied and acting weird/sick (he has the shimmies possibly?)

    so yesterday i noticed one of my fish was missing, i've been looking everywhere but cannot find him, so he either died and was eaten by the other fish in the tank or he jumped out and my dog ate him. but now one of the other endlers is being bullied by the other frequently when i was feeding...
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    Is low levels of aquarium salt safe for cherry shrimp?

    so currently I am treating my 10 gallon with aquarium salt, as one of my fish needs the treatment. the tank is not normally treated with salt. there are no cherry shrimp in it as of yet. i'm waiting for the illness on the fish to be resolved, and the treatment hopefully should be done by next...
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    i have two tanks, both planted! one with 3 endlers and 3 corydoras and another with a single betta.
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    what are these spots on my corydora? what is the best course of action to cure him of whatever these white spots are (fungus?)?

    so i have one bronze corydora that seems to be suffering from a fungus or some kind of white spot. there are two white spots on the side of his head. i thought maybe it was a physical injury, so i kept an eye on it but it has now been around a week and he still has the white spots. maybe it...