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  1. DiscusKeeper403

    How Many Rams In A 75 Gallon?

    Look for pink bellies for sexing females. I would probably try a de-worming flake with those guy.
  2. DiscusKeeper403

    My Angelfish Laid Eggs! :o

    Hold off on removing eggs until the Angels have had a few successful spawns under their belts. That Angel looks especially young. If you have a grow out tank, and are able to do the water changes involved go ahead and get yourself a brine shrimp hatchery and start rearing! 
  3. DiscusKeeper403

    Angel - Hole In The Head?

    Hard to tell from the picture but looks like sensory pits to me. What are you feeding him on? How often do you change water?
  4. DiscusKeeper403

    Low Maintenance 4Ft

    The only way I could see you getting around this is an extremely heavily planted tank. If you went with easier plants, kept the stocking really light, you could probably get away with something alright. Keep in mind though, do you want to risk keeping fish in an environment that doesn't make...
  5. DiscusKeeper403

    German Blue Rams?

    Assuming the 70 in your tank description means 70 litres, I wouldn't be adding anymore Rams to the tank.
  6. DiscusKeeper403

    Is It Safe To Add A Discus To One Of My Tanks?

    I wouldn't keep Discus with much, aside from possibly Angels (in a big enough tank, de-wormed and from a reputable source) Blue rams, certain species of Tetra, Corys, and Apistogramma, and then perhaps certain species of Pleco.
  7. DiscusKeeper403

    Jewel Cichlid Issue

    Sometimes this can happen when adding new fish, or re-arranging the tank. It will usually sort itself out but just keep an eye on it, you want to be sure fish aren't going to get seriously injured. As far as your pearl and jewel cichlids go, I am sure it's possible for them to pair and even lay...
  8. DiscusKeeper403

    Single Discus

    If you decide to go with Discus, you have to really keep an eye out for internal parasites. It's key that you hit them hard with medication at the first sign of any illness, because their health will take a turn for the worst very quickly, and if you wait too long it's usually too late to get...
  9. DiscusKeeper403

    Ram Cichlids

    As others stated, I wouldn't keep more than a pair in that sized tank.
  10. DiscusKeeper403

    Starting Up My Tank Again A Few Questions

    Do you guys think Apistogramma Cacatouides would be fine in 7.5-7.8pH?
  11. DiscusKeeper403

    Starting Up My Tank Again A Few Questions

    Thanks for the ideas I was considering Bolivian Rams. I used to keep blue rams that paired up and layed eggs once, but the male killed the female and then the male ended up dying a few months after (think my water is too hard.) I know bolivian rams are much hardier and supposed to be good in a...
  12. DiscusKeeper403

    Starting Up My Tank Again A Few Questions

    Hey thanks for the info, a good refresher for me hah! I will go for one angel then. I think I've changed my mind and am going natural looking substrate mixed with ferts and scratch the sand. Instead of the other angel, does anyone have any recommendations of something in it's place? I don't mind...
  13. DiscusKeeper403

    Starting Up My Tank Again A Few Questions

    Hi guys, So I haven't been on the forum for a long time. For the past couple months I've had a hard time with work and managing my time so I decided to get rid of all the Discus. I just couldn't do the water changes and care for them so I thought it was best to let them go. I sold my 90g but...
  14. DiscusKeeper403

    It's All Gone Pear Shaped.

    I agree with the garlic. Try mincing, soaking in water and then adding the bloodworms into the water to soak for 10mins before feeding. It's a great appetite inducer/parasite ward.
  15. DiscusKeeper403

    It's All Gone Pear Shaped.

    The white growths definitley do not look parasitic to me (if that's what your treating for).. Probably bacterial. What are you using a wormer for exactly?
  16. DiscusKeeper403

    Fish Gradings?

    I think flowerhorns are graded on their hump and coloring.
  17. DiscusKeeper403

    Fish Gradings?

    Which kind of fish are you talking about? I can answer your question strictly speaking Discus, but this may not be of much help for you. Anyways, here it goes. Normally fish are graded on shape, size, colors, finage, eyes, etc. This can vary slightly depending on the species of fish in question...
  18. DiscusKeeper403

    Tank On A Budget

    Considering I already have the tank and heaters, I am hoping to keep mine under $850 but I guess we will see :lol:
  19. DiscusKeeper403

    Considering Salt

    Thanks guys. I only put 4 for the pajama cardinal because I thought they where more of a schooling fish. Maybe two is a better number. I will also look into the fairy wrasse, they do look really cool, but it depends what I can find down at my LFS.
  20. DiscusKeeper403

    Considering Salt

    Thanks. In your opinion does that list look good? Do I have room for any more?