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  1. howard_hopkinson

    Angelfish Courtship or Agression?

    Here's a video of my mated pair of angelfish either displaying or showing agression. The male is the yellow koi. The female the dark coloured one has laid eggs quite a number of times but the eggs never appear to be fertilised. I'm wondering if they are actually both female?
  2. howard_hopkinson

    Should you be worried about fish TB? In light of the Corona virus outbreak, I thought it'd be interesting to look at the transmission of disease from fish etc to fish keepers. The link above is both interesting, informative and a little...
  3. howard_hopkinson

    Water Sprite haven for platy fry

    17 days ago I purchased 3 small pots of Water Sprite. I took the plants out of the pots, removed all the padding/material from the roots and gently rinsed the plants in Luke warm water. I then added the plants to my tank floating. 17 days later and the plants have more than trebled in size. It...
  4. howard_hopkinson

    Zebra Danio Variation?

    I have 10 Zebra Danios but one of them looks quite a bit different. I assume it's a male but his colouration is far more striking than the other Danios. His tail fin pattern is also very different. He tends not to swim with the other Danios and he can be quite aggressive. Any info would be...
  5. howard_hopkinson

    How long to run a UV steriliser?

    I've ordered a 24watt UV steriliser and would like to know if it's ok to run it 24/7 or should it be only used for a set time period? What are the pros and cons of running the UV steriliser 24/7 or the pros and cons of only running it for a certain amount of hours a day? This is the model...
  6. howard_hopkinson

    Howard's YouTube Channel

    It's probably time I posted a link to my YouTube channel. Along with the obligatory aquarium videos, you'll also find various photography including Nature, Wildlife, Astrophotography, Timelapse and also some random stuff I've uploaded over the past few years such as me playing guitar and singing...
  7. howard_hopkinson

    Video Colditz Castle Aquarium

    Showing the extra large castle resin ornament that my other half insisted I buy. I do like it sort off as it provides lots of cover and hiding places for my fish. But it was a real pain in the rear moving lots of plants etc to get it in. The castle measures 55cm wide x 37cm tall and 19cm depth...
  8. howard_hopkinson

    PolyFilter in a Fluval 307

    I hope I have posted in the correct forum, if not please move. My question is where in a Fluval 307 canister filter is the best place to put PolyFilter? I was thinking of putting it in the top tray where normally the carbon is.
  9. howard_hopkinson

    A Video of My Aquarium

    I have just finished planting my aquarium, all I need to do now is wait for the plants to grow lol.
  10. howard_hopkinson

    Seachem Safe

    I just ordered some Seachem Safe. According to the product label it removes ammonia, yet on the back of the pack it says it only detoxifies ammonia. I feel the front label is misleading to say the least.
  11. howard_hopkinson

    Hello Folks

    My name is Howard and after taking an extended hiatus from fish keeping(12years), I have got myself another aquarium after all these years. It's a Fluval Roma 240 litre tank with a Fluval 307 canister filter.
  12. howard_hopkinson

    Fluval Roma 240 Litre Aquarium

    Equipment make/model/size: Fluval Roma 240 litre aquarium Quantity for sale:1 Reason for Sale:Ill health and moving house Delivery or Collection:Collection only Sales price:£200 or nearest offer Postage & Packaging:Not applicable Location:Nelson, Lancashire Photograph: This comes with a...
  13. howard_hopkinson

    Free To Good Home: 15 Neon Tetras/9 Black Neon Tetras/5 Serpae Tetras

    Livestock: 15 Neon Tetras/9 Black Neon Tetras/5 Serpae Tetras Age and condition: N/A Quantity for sale: As above. Reason for Sale: Doing away with old aquarium and these fish are surplus to requirements. Delivery or Collection: Collection only. Sales price: FOC Postage & Packaging: N/A Location...
  14. howard_hopkinson

    My New Aquarium

    I recently bought a Fluval Roma 240 and made this short video of it. I would welcome all comments, good and bad. It was cycled with fish in and plants, some of which came from my establish aquarium, plus lots of media from the filter from my established aquarium. 11 days and it seems to have...
  15. howard_hopkinson

    Linking Two Aquariums Via Two External Filters?

    I have two aquariums, one 240ltr and one 143ltr, both have their own external filters. Both filters have the same working output of 750l/h. I was thinking that maybe I could link my aquariums together by taking the output of one filter and placing it in the other aquarium, then taking the...
  16. howard_hopkinson

    Hello To Everyone

    Hi there. My name is Howard I used to keep tropical fish many years ago but had to stop due to travel, family and work commitments. I have only recently(two months ago) started keeping them again. I have two aquariums, one is a 143 litre tank, which I was given due to my son going abroad and...