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  1. Lajos_Detari

    Stocking Advice Inspiration

    Firstly, as Phoenix mentioned, we need to know your tap water parameter before you can select your fish. If your tap provides soft water, then you can go for most fish from South America (Dwarf Cichlids, Tetras, Corydoras) some fish from Asia (Rasboras, Loaches, etc). If you want something more...
  2. Lajos_Detari

    Tetras and Blue Ram only eating the "sinking wafers" meant for my Corydoras

    Blue Rams usually prefer to stay and eat at the bottom. Also, they don't like to eat from the top as they don't want to expose themselves to attack. But once in a while they will eat from the top when they are very hungry. I guess Neon Tetras which prefer mid to bottom level of the tank are...
  3. Lajos_Detari

    Loaches with guppies? Don’t have anywhere to put them!

    Most loaches are quite peaceful except the Chinese sucker fish(Chinese golden algae eater) which like to suck on other fish slime. Here is a picture of the fish: Your loach looks ok but you need bigger tank with...
  4. Lajos_Detari

    Yellow and blue gouramis=purple babies!!!

    Fantastic! You can create new colours of Gouramis... Lol Please post some photos if you can.
  5. Lajos_Detari

    Hi Im TCT

    Amazing videos.... African fish are amazing with their multicolours. They are the closest to marine fish... And they are intelligent and unique.
  6. Lajos_Detari

    Stocking advice on emergency tanks

    One more information. For your future tank, you can also consider a 3 feet tank (160-180 liter) which I think is the minimum for the comfort of 6-8 Discus. Otherwise, a 25-30 gallons tank might also work for your 3 Discus but provided there is no serious aggressions among them. Usually for...
  7. Lajos_Detari

    Stocking advice on emergency tanks

    A new tank shouldn't had cracked so easily. It's a very serious problem for a new tank to crack. What is the dimension of your 300 liter tank (width, height, depth)? What is the thickness of the glass (sides and bottom glass)? Did you put any styrofoam or rubber mat under the tank in case of...
  8. Lajos_Detari

    Sick discus need help!

    Hikari Micro pellets is good especially for Discus fish that are picky eaters. Discus have small mouth and they like to chew the food unlike African cichlids that will gobble up the food quickly. Discus don't like food that are hard to chew. By the way, Dr Bassleer Regular food (L size) is also...
  9. Lajos_Detari

    How to disinfect aquarium equipment such as nets

    For me, the quickest and safest way is to put the net in a small container/pail and pour hot water on it. Let it soak for a few minutes. If you don't need to use the net immediately, just pour out the hot water and let the net and container/pail dry under the sun. Keep them after they dry.
  10. Lajos_Detari

    Sick discus need help!

    Here a a link on how to sterilize/clean aquarium plants. See method no. 5 for PP:
  11. Lajos_Detari

    What is killing my fish? Parasites?

    I guess the Azoo Endoparasites should be good to use. It's Taiwanesw brand. See another forum discussion.
  12. Lajos_Detari

    Blackwater Fish

    For Apistogrammas species, you can check this website. Look for the newly found species which are rare. In my opinion, I think for rare species, you may have to purchase the wild caught species. But they are harder to keep as you have to keep them in the same water parameter as in the wild...
  13. Lajos_Detari

    Blackwater Fish

    I'm not sure how you defined rarer. I think almost every species of fish that you can find in the blackwater are being bred and sold in the aquarium trade today. Probably some species of Apistogrammas, Plecos that are less well known can be considered rarer. Or those endangered species fish...
  14. Lajos_Detari

    Blackwater Fish

    You can refer to the websites below:
  15. Lajos_Detari

    Fire and fish tanks

    In time of fire, most importantly, you should save your own lives first. Next, if you have time, save your valuables like money, jewelleries, important document (deeds, certificates), etc. Next, if you still have time, you can try to save your fish by packing them in plastic bags, pails, ice...
  16. Lajos_Detari

    Sick discus need help!

    Take note that whenever you put new plants in your tank, you can bring parasites into your tank. Some plants may carry parasites with them. Rinse your plants well before putting into your tank. It's advisable to dip/soak the plants in some chemical to kill off the parasites and snails. If I'm...
  17. Lajos_Detari

    Trying Not to Kill my 2 yrs olds betta!

    I think your tank is too small for your heater. So, it will keep overheating the tank water. I guess you have to get at least a 5 gallons tank. Also, it's hard to keep your fish healthy in a small tank. Since your filters don't have enough beneficial bacteria yet, you have to do frequent water...
  18. Lajos_Detari

    Sick discus need help!

    I think since you have low bioload with 300 liter tank, you can change your tank water probably 50-70% once a week. But you may have to change up to 90% of water once a month or once every two months to keep the nitrate low. Nitrate can only be removed by water change or plants. Your nitrate...
  19. Lajos_Detari


    Yes, fully agreee with Colin. Usually when you see mass death of fish, it means there is chemical poisoning in the water. The chemical could have come from your local tap water (eg. too high Chlorine, Chloramine, copper from the heating elements/pipes, etc) or someone had accidentally sprayed...
  20. Lajos_Detari

    I’m So Sad

    sorry to hear of your loss...