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    Anyone Ordered From Fishbitz Or Living Seas

    been trying to keep a low profile since my google warrier moniker :rolleyes: so apologies to the later posts if you think I've just been rude and blanking the posts- think embarrassed is more apt. Just to add to what Elaine128's saying about going with retailers you know and trust, the one...
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    What Frustrates You Most

    1) Dog owners who don't clean up after their dogs (never understood the saying that it's lucky to stand in it) 2) People who shout negative stuff on the football (soccer for people over the pond) pitch at their team mates (generally they're not very good and the last ones to do the hard work)...
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    What Happened To The 'older' Members

    Mental Crisis! Sorry!
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    Severum In A 50gal

    Don't think I can say anymore
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    Severum In A 50gal

    Minxy my sincerest apologies for butting in and talking pash right through your thread- bad craic
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    How To Make A Diy Python

    Thanks BTT - have since made my own version and stole some of your ideas so now don't have to humph homebrew buckets everywhere- I still manage to get water all over the place somehow - there's no hope for me :rolleyes: Oh I put a link on another site to it
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    My First Planted

    your tank is beautiful- and your journal makes it look like anyone could do it- thanks for posting. AMAZING
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    Your Favorite Tetra

    I'm the same as a lot of you, Emperors I think take the cake, though closely followed by Rummy noses, Congos, Lemons. I saw somewhere recently that you get red congos now that's something I'd like to see in real life
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    The Forgotten Valley - 60l

    Lush looking tank Aaron, so that's what HC should look like when it's taking off-you're tank's an inspiration thanks for putting up
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    Substrate Ferts.

    Alright Nick, Just curious- how do you monitoring the CO2 levels in the tank? I've got a trigon 190 that I'd hooked up to two 1 1/2 litre DIY CO2 (mixture 1 cup sugar, 3 tepid water, 1 teaspoon of activated (Bread) yeast and about a 1/4 of baking soda) when I hooked both of them up and...
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    Hydor External Heater

    I hope you've got it sorted now Elaine- why is common sense so lacking with some folk- if there's a delay at least let the customer know and offer a full immediate refund - for any business- that kind of service - not sure if it was you Elaine or Miss Wiggle, but think we all agree if you get...
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    Jbl Solution

    Thanks Arron, hope that's what it is- I noticed the spraybar was giving more splash than normal (normally just lightly ripples) so maybe the extra surface agitation countered the additional time CO2 on. CO2 is normally on about 15 mintues before lights and goes off 15 before lights go off- so a...
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    Substrate Ferts.

    Same again
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    Better Late Than Never I Hope

    Evening guys and cheers for the welcome - I felt a bit cheeky just posting but no introducing myself now I have seems to have been a bit of a free for all. also sound a bit like you truck my enthusiasm passes in waves Hope all's good with y'all
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    Cheap Diffuser

    Maybe you're right, I got a couple of diffusers, a glass checker and the aforementioned and ended up more than doubling the what I thought was a bit of harmless ebay fun- but aye don't want to sound too much of a grouch and the ceramics are just the job so maybe works out for just them. Oh...
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    Jbl Solution

    Sorry if this really is a stupid and long question. I can't fathom it- got a drop checker from JBL (a couple of years ago now granted) and some copy glasswear recently - when I was using the Hagen yeast diffuser attached to D&D injected the drop checker was getting yellow a few times through...
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    Substrate Ferts.

    As with previous thread a wee touch of the "chicken orientals" so my apologies for butting in Syphoniera
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    Cheap Diffuser

    ashamedly, I was dazzled by the glitter and now have to say all that glitters is definitely not gold or dry!. Thinking about getting some pvc cement to permanently seal the joins as like the idea and going to get some return for my pennies but even hooking it up to an Eheim Aquaball 2006 (the...
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    Hydor External Heater

    I couldn't agree more T1 - the shop's meant to have sent 4 out (if you add both Elaine and mines) but if they're having this problem with Royal Mail then maybe need to reddress how they're mailing stuff - like you said you can do it with ebay no problem, I see that AO seem to have put their...