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    is a slave to the betta girlies

    is a slave to the betta girlies
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    Good For A Betta?

    I've had bettas in these before, worked really well :) You could just cut a little circle out of the lid for filter/heater cables etc. Good size too. Only tiny drawback is that the plastic scratches easily from rocks, scraping off algae etc.
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    Tank Size For Betta

    I think that's a great size! I've had bettas in tanks from 8g down to 1g, at the moment I have Lemon in a 3.5 cube which she seems to be very happy in. Blueberry (my tiny weenie girl) freaked out when she was in her 3.5 gal so now she has a 1.5.
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    Basic Betta Care?

    How often do you feed? I feed my two girls - siblings in separate tanks- once a day, time varies, usually about the time I eat my own dinner. What do you feed? Hikari Betta BioGold - it's a bit pricey, but betta food lasts for ages and the tiny pellets are easy for them to eat. Every now and...
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    Pink Betta, Gorgeous!

    I want to get one. And call him Bruiser ;) Gorgeous fish...
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    Small Betta Tank Setups Under 30L

    I think it was an Aqua One tank? It only came with the cube and a sheet of foam for underneath but it had an Aqua One sticker on it. It's a good tank, it's got two glass panels for the lid. I'm putting a black background on it today so Lemon stands out more, she's so tiny haha.
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    Small Betta Tank Setups Under 30L

    Here's Lemon's 3.5 gal: Beautiful setups everyone!
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    Can Anyone Tell Me Tail Types? She also has a section on colouring, very useful. :)
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    Betta Tank Has Green Algae

    One of my girls shares her 3.5gal with an apple snail and he (she? it? whatever) takes care of any algae that pops up. The snail's a really interesting little thing to watch too, only downside is that they do poop a lot but with a large tank like yours I would think things would be fine :) I...
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    Apologies for the dodgy quality, they're taken with my phone haha. Here's a pic of the tank, which Lemon shares with Mango the golden apple snail. She's ridiculously fast so I couldn't get a clear pic (maybe it was the phone..) but this shows her colour: And this shows how little she...
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    Far out. It must be at least a year since I've logged onto the forum, starting uni and everything really takes its toll haha. Glad to see some of the old members still here :) Last week or so, got a new yellow girl (named Lemon :blush: ) who has settled very well into her 3.5 gal tank. Will...
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    Dosing Myaxin

    My female betta developed a bacterial infection apparently overnight - it's a pinkish sore. She is acting fine and eating normally. I bought Waterlife Myaxin on the reccommendation of my LFS owner. I'm proud to say I've never had to use strong meds on my bettas before - they've never developed...
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    Almost every shop in the area does, mainly barbs or comet goldfish. What shops did you visit? I've been doing a lot if fishie shopping lately, maybe I walked past you :lol: I am of the opinion that if fish spawn unplanned in a tank, and the parents and or other fish eat the fry, it's just...
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    My Tank 3 Months On, What Do You Think?

    Looks awesome! If this is your first tank you've done a great job! In fact it's a great job for anyone! :good: I agree, a blue or black background would really make the colours of your fish and plants pop.
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    Fussy Eater!

    Yay :good: If you have other fish try giving them the betta flakes. Liz - haha, I'm in the same boat. I have a big tub full of random impulse buys: food, decor, tanks.. and of course, they never do like the food I buy. I opened a tub of flakes the other week to find that it had turned to...
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    The View From My Computer Chair

    :drool: Sorry, they're both beautiful but for me the betta tank takes the cake! I've had this happen too, I bought an AA 3 gal for a betta and the light blew after a few months, then the filter a while later. Shame, cause it's a good looking setup.
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    Betta Tumor?

    Betta with Tumor I haven't ever had a fish develop a tumor so all I can say personally is that if it doesn't seem to hurt or upset him, I would leave it alone. If he starts to suffer from it severely you could euthanise him, but he might be fine! :good: Just keep his water clean and warm, and...
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    I Was Shocked... Advise?

    :unsure: Poor fish! Unfortunately just because bettas can survive in terrible conditions, some people exploit them. I have to say that most stores over here are alright with their bettas but I've seen a store in my local area keep bettas in those little cups, and it was so sad. All we can do...
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    Picky Eater

    I've had this problem and I've found the best solution is to not feed them for a day, then offer the pellets the day after. If he doesn't eat then, try a bit of defrosted pea for variety. If he refuses pellets the day after that, try a new variety. What brand are you currently using? They have...
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    Omg My 3rd And 4th Favorite Of Aquabid!

    :drool: :drool: :drool: The pink one... I reckon these are nicer than the ones the other day Smiley!