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  1. Iheartfish

    Cherry Shrimp

    Hey I'm still going to get shrimp from you in the new year if you have any, I have 6 at the moment as I had 7 but one died. I think another is on it's way out as it's lying on it's back and has been for the last two days, I just don't get it! The tank is well maintained, there is no copper in...
  2. Iheartfish

    Setting Up A Tank For Killifish (Help Required Please)

    Hello thanks for the quick reply :-) I would like to have a planted tank, basically keep everything as it is in my 64ltr tank that is currently filled with community fish. I have a second 16ltr tank that I currently use to house growing fry from guppy, platy and Molly and a few cherry shrimp Ive...
  3. Iheartfish

    Setting Up A Tank For Killifish (Help Required Please)

    Thank you for that :-) glad I don't have to use peat :-)
  4. Iheartfish

    Setting Up A Tank For Killifish (Help Required Please)

    Ok I have read a bit further into this, with help from GAB99, was very helpful :good: If you have any advice though, the more the merrier :lol:
  5. Iheartfish

    Setting Up A Tank For Killifish (Help Required Please)

    Hello everyone. I have a 64ltr community set up, with the usual guppy, molly, platy, cory, pleco, kribensis and dwarf gourami inhabitants. I love my fish and I love watching the livebearers having fry and watching them grow and see how they turn out, but I feel I am beginning to wish for...
  6. Iheartfish

    Guppy Suppliers

    I have a bunch of guppies in my tank, I breed guppies. What are you looking for exactly? I do not breed anything specific. I enjoy buying very long talied males and as attractive as possible females, all of different colours and patterns and just see what I end up with. I have adults, teenagers...
  7. Iheartfish

    Your First Fish.

    Hi Rory, your list is pretty bad in all honesty. Some of the fish you have listed will be eaten by other fish, some of the fish grow incredibly large, whilst others are far too small on comparison, some should only be kept in a species only tank. It really concerned me ready your list. Let me...
  8. Iheartfish

    Fish Diseases

    Two of my male guppies have ripped and tatty fins, a very sad sight. I originally put it down to my kribs possibly biting them, but then I noticed one of my platys "arm fins" (sorry for non technical speak) also looked a bit tatty. I do regular water changes in my 64ltr tank, so it shouldn't be...
  9. Iheartfish

    Wanted - Lid & Light Unit & Bulbs For Juwel Rio 180

    Sorry not sure what happened there! Was meant to say thanks for that info I'll check it out :good:
  10. Iheartfish

    Wanted - Book About Tropical Shrimp

    I have searched online for a book about tropical freshwater shrimp, but I can't find anything :sad: I would like something really detailed with pictures, breeding info, species etc etc just like you would find in a good fish book. I know there is a "what invertebrate" book but that's for marine...
  11. Iheartfish


    There are many different shrimp which fall into this category. The Latin names start with caridina (sometimes incorrectly referred to as cardinia) and is best to keep one colour/species of caridina as they interbreed. The cherry shrimp should be referred to as red cherry shrimp or red fire...
  12. Iheartfish

    Threadfin Rainbowfish With Guppy And Platy Fry Safe?

    Vinegar eels hey? I have apple cider, will they already be in there or do I have to put yeast in? Bit confusing. Can they be seen with the naked eye? Thanks
  13. Iheartfish

    Threadfin Rainbowfish With Guppy And Platy Fry Safe?

    I have now moved the threadfin rainbowfish to the baby tank now, and just watched them feed. I feed my fry on flake dust, and it seems to be the only thing they can fit in their mouths too. Poor things, I hadn't been crushing the flakes for the other tank, just assumed as they're adult fish they...
  14. Iheartfish

    Threadfin Rainbowfish With Guppy And Platy Fry Safe?

    Thanks for that, very helpful! As for green water, what do you mean by that? Algae? How about newly hatched baby brine shrimp? Or fish flake dust? (finely ground flake) eek!
  15. Iheartfish

    Threadfin Rainbowfish With Guppy And Platy Fry Safe?

    I have two tanks set up, one is a peaceful community tank and the other tank is for my guppy, platy and Molly fry and 5 cherry shrimp. I want to move my threadfin rainbowfish into the fry and rcs tank as they have been doing the showing off their fins thing to eachother and think they may spawn...
  16. Iheartfish

    Twisted Vallis Gone Mad

    Ok well what I have done is separated the saplings from the mother plant, so after Xmas and once I've got packaging I'll let you know. Thanks guys :good:
  17. Iheartfish

    Cherry Shrimp

    Ok, well I'm working all this week even Saturday, so do you think there will be any left next week? Not sure what my days off will be yet though.
  18. Iheartfish

    Fancy Guppy Breeders?

    I don't think they can really, as I work in a pet store on the Aquatics department but when we receive our weekly order list there's no pictures, only fish names, genus and prices. :sad: I ordered in what was listed as premium quality fancy guppies in red. When they arrived they had medium...
  19. Iheartfish

    Fancy Guppy Breeders?

    I'm in Plymouth, south Devon.