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  1. ALW

    Back In The Game!

    Welcome back into the game, tank looks nice, can't wait to see it set up! What stocking ideas do you currently have?
  2. ALW

    Into The Lions Den!

    Ok a little early than planned but the lions have a new home now. I still haven't managed to ween the Fu on frozen foods as yet. The Volitan is is greedy he will eat anything you offer him.
  3. ALW

    Coral Lighting

    When you say hard coral (pocillopora) you are talking about SPS corals. Hard corals fall into two groups LPS which pare large polyp stony (these include brains, torch hammer and elegances) the other is SPS corals (Acropora, Montipora and seriatopora) generally both require high light outputs so...
  4. ALW

    230 Gallon Reef Tank.

    I'm following with interest, looking good. I do have to agree that a pair of chromis in that size tank is alittle odd. You should be think of somewhere along the line of 10-15 chromis, with so such a group they would disperse the aggression that you tend to see in smaller groups. My Lfs has a...
  5. ALW

    Dwarf Lionfish Questions

    Dwarf lions are perfectly ok to have in a 50g tank let alone a 75g. You can keep more than one lion in a tank yes, I would say that it will be better if the lions are of different species. A 50g tank will be ok for two to three dwarfs. The 75g you could maybe go for one of the larger species...
  6. ALW

    Any Good Books On Marine/reef Tanks?

    I did this a while back
  7. ALW

    Into The Lions Den!

    Thanks, the Fu is stunning
  8. ALW

    My Ocean Reef

    I'll try and get a video of the tank a little later but for now here are a few quick pictures
  9. ALW

    My Ocean Reef

    Ok guys I'm really sorry, I promise I will do a tank update for you soon
  10. ALW

    Into The Lions Den!

    Currently set up is a 20g FOWLR and macro algaes, I will be upgrading this to a 50g tank around November/December time. In the tank at the moment it 11kg of Fiji grade A rock and around 9kg of Caribsea Indo-Pacific black sand. The 20g is a holding pen as such for the moment. Current inhabitants...
  11. ALW

    My New Saltwater Tank!

    A clean up crew would be best added next
  12. ALW

    16Gal Sumped Marine Tank

    Because the rock is already alive with the bacteria needed to break down fish waste, hence Live Rock. just because it isnt covered in algae yet doesnt mean its not alive. SW filtration is different to FW filtration.
  13. ALW

    16Gal Sumped Marine Tank

    If the rock was Live Rock then you DO NOT need to cycle the tank, It is already cycled. You are doing more harm than good.
  14. ALW

    Flake Food For Damselfish?

    A variable diet is best, I feed my fish either New Era, Tetra or D & D dry food as a staple diet along with the odd frozen every few days.
  15. ALW

    My Ocean Reef

    Hey guys, Im BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ok i have been busy over the last 6 months). Ok so hows the tank going you may ask? Well its doing great. So after not having much luck with that bloody white spot, I left my tank running sterile for 8/9 weeks. I must say Chloroquine is some good stuff, good...
  16. ALW

    My Ocean Reef

    Ok so I guess I owe you guys a rather large update? Where do I begin? Ok my gran lost her second husband last summer and was very down (not that I liked the guy), but it wasn’t about me. So me and my mum decided to take two weeks off and go over to be with her. This left my tank to be looked...
  17. ALW

    Llj's 36G Corner Bowfront... Out Of The Ashes...

    A Wrasse, Wooooooooooooooooo! I think that its a Carpenters but is still a very very nice fish.
  18. ALW

    Pearls Of The Antilles... Llj's Planted Marine

    OMG! Im devastated for you. I know that feeling, it was a great tank.
  19. ALW

    My Ocean Reef

    I will, I have some time off at the end of august, so i should do a huge update