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  1. Scvpirates

    Miracle - Found In The Tip!

    i have a cat that had feline herpes as a kitten and is now blind in both eyes but she gets around really well. one eye had to be removed and the other one is blind.
  2. Scvpirates

    This Stuff Is Java Moss Right?

    kinda looks like anacharis
  3. Scvpirates

    My Fish...some Of Them Be Round!

    thats a real nice discus the blue rams are very stunning
  4. Scvpirates

    White Bump(like Pimple) On Gourami

    its a 29 gallon tank. all fish are in my signature. i tested the water and everything was normal. it just looks like a white bump on him. it went away but another appeared in a different spot. could it be white spot? i really hope its not fungus.
  5. Scvpirates

    White Bump(like Pimple) On Gourami

    i noticed yesterday that my thick lipped gourami has a single white bump like a pimple on his side. i cant get a good pic of it. anyone have any thought what it could be?
  6. Scvpirates

    Replanted Anubias Tank

    none of the rhizomes are buried. i made sure to cover only the roots and keep everything above the gravel.
  7. Scvpirates

    Replanted Anubias Tank

    i recently replanted my tank with anubias a friend trimmed from his plants for me.
  8. Scvpirates

    Id Puffer Fish.

    definately should be in brackish water
  9. Scvpirates

    Id Puffer Fish. read this article i found on green spotted puffers
  10. Scvpirates


    snails arent always a bad thing. i have trumpet snails in my tank and they have their benefits. if you want to get rid of them try using a piece of cucumber tied with a weight to the bottom of the tank with the light off then remove it when the snails are on it. none of the fish you have will...
  11. Scvpirates

    Id Puffer Fish.

    look like dwarf puffers to me picture quality isnt great but i can make out the green body with white underbelly and im assuming they have black spots. these type of puffers do best in slightly salty water like brackish tanks im not sure about full saltwater tanks. i know they wont do well in...
  12. Scvpirates

    Pictures Of My Betta (batman)

    hes really dark blue with alot of black. when i saw him i had to buy him. ive never seen black bettas before.
  13. Scvpirates

    Pictures Of My Betta (batman)

    pics of my betta housed in a 2.5 gallon 360 degree view tank
  14. Scvpirates

    Can Somebody Please Id This Fish For Me ?

    sorry i have been trying to make it smaller. :thumbs: :D
  15. Scvpirates

    Found Snails In My Tank

    what type of snails are they? are they long pointed shells or round. if theyre in a planted aquarium they likely came from the plants. i believe that theyre ok to have. i have malaysian trumpet snails in my tank and they seem to help keep it clean.
  16. Scvpirates

    What Is This Cory Called?

    look like emerald green corys to me.
  17. Scvpirates

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