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    What Is This Lump

    who me or twin54
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    What Is This Lump

    that sounds exactly like my betta. it is still very active and is constantly making bubble nest. but this lump has slowly grown bigger.
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    What Is This Lump

    no I have to buy it this weekend.
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    What Is This Lump

    thanks for all the help.
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    What Is This Lump

    thanks for that
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    What Is This Lump

    yeah I will try a bacterial med. but thats about the best I can do.
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    What Is This Lump

    na he still swims normally, still eats normally and still makes bubble nests. so I don't think he is in pain
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    What Is This Lump

    well its been on it's back for at least 3 months so it musn't be hurting him.
  9. J

    What Is This Lump

    thanks for that amunet, that is definitly wierd
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    What Is This Lump

    the lump is like white on top as if it is tearing away the skin, but it kinda looks hard.
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    What Is This Lump

    I'll try getting some pictures for you, but as the tank has rounded edge's it makes it a bit hard.
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    What Is This Lump

    hey my mum has a betta that has had this strange lump on it's back for atleast 3 months ould anyone be able to tell me what it is thanks in advance Jake
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    1600 Gallon Ei Dosed Discus Tank

    wow that tank is awsome. just curious if we could have some specs?
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    "mini Mountain"

    not everyone keeps fish in there planted aquariums. as most of them are set up to show case the plants not the fish.
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    What Does Everyones Family Think Of Your Fish Addiction/hobby

    my dad kinda understands but he doesnt under stand why i spend so much on the and why I pay so much for ADA substrate and ferts but I enjoy them so i didnt think it really matters
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    Tropical Cleaning Crew

    So will apple snails
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    Now, I'm Really Relying On You Guys......

    I would probably take the plastic plants in and just put a couple of big bits of wood in the. and i probably would have gone with sand instead of gravel. Ill see if i can find a picture of what im talking about
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    Laser Pointer Fun >.<

    i do this and it is very funny even my slatwater shrimp will chase it
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    New 10 Gallon Tank, Suggestions?

    with a tank that size you could go for a small group of african shelldwellers
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    Planting Out My Aquarium

    U will probalby have better luck getting a responce by posting this in the planted section .