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  1. wrightt3

    87 Gallon Stocking Part 2

    Perhaps its just me but I think that Rotkeils will grow too big, given the width of your tank. 12.5" doesn't really give a 8-10" fish a lot of room to turn around.
  2. wrightt3

    Super Green Texas Tank Type/size?

    I'd say 120 gallons as a minimum (4ftx2ftx2ft) although longer would be better. Footprint is almost always more important than height. The cichlid coral substrate that you speak of is designed for African Cichlids as it raises the pH. Texas cichlids are from central America so regular sand or...
  3. wrightt3

    Leaves In The Aquarium

    Yes, it's perfectly safe to let them decompose but they will make quite a bit of mess.   @ Byron, Whilst you are right that blackberries do not grow on trees, the thorns that they grow on do have small leaves on. I'm assuming that it was these leaves that were referred to in TooManyChoices' post
  4. wrightt3

    My New Worlds

    Your current cichlids are 2 convicts, 1 JD and 1 Midas, correct? You also have three tanks: a 48, a 56 and a 90. That therefore allows you enough room to separate the three species if needed so I fail to see the problems that Cichlidnoob speaks of. The only thing I would recommend is getting a...
  5. wrightt3

    10G Nano 60Cm X 30Cm X 30Cm Planted Biotope

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a 60x30x30 a 15 gallon, not a 10 gallon? I personally think you could get away with a pair and then maybe some small bottom dwellers. 
  6. wrightt3

    Cichlid Tank

    Rather than giving the volume of your tanks, it would be more useful to give the dimensions (length, height and width). Pretty much all angelfish you find in shops will grow to the same size so there isn't really such a thing as a small angelfish. Given that angelfish are quite tall fish, you're...
  7. wrightt3

    Community Tank Advice.

    Sorry, I wasn't too sure how big 90 Litres actually was. Forget what I said about the hatchets.  Like I said, your water might be a bit too soft for livebearers but if you're dead set on them then I would just go with guppies as they are smaller. Something like this then? 10 neons 5 Guppies (to...
  8. wrightt3

    Sexing Paradise Fish

    I recently picked up a paradise fish but am unsure how to determine whether it male or female. If anyone has any advise then that would be great.   Also just out of interest, are they a actually type of gourami as they are sometimes advertised or are they their own species?
  9. wrightt3

    Community Tank Advice.

    Water hardness test kits can be bought at your LFS. If they don't sell them, then you could easily get them online. TBH though, you probably don't need one as water with a pH below 7 is usually quite soft. Neons would therefore be your best bet.   As for the loaches, the minimum group size for...
  10. wrightt3

    Pretty Tetra With Angels

    Oh... I didn't realise that there was an actual tetra called a pretty tetra 
  11. wrightt3

    Pretty Tetra With Angels

    Cardinals are certainly not large in comparison to a fully grown angelfish and their slender body shape puts them at an even higher risk of becoming lunch. I would personally recommend lemon tetras but anything that size/shape or bigger would be fine. Just avoid known fin nippers such as Serpae...
  12. wrightt3

    Community Tank Advice.

    Ideally, neons and livebearers shouldn't be kept together as they thrive in different pH and water hardness. Neons prefer soft acidic water whilst most livebearers prefer fairly hard and alkaline water. Whilst fish tend to be fairly adaptable, keeping them outside their preferred range can...
  13. wrightt3

    New And Old German Blue Ram And Stocking Ideas.

    There are two standard tank sizes that hold 45 gallons. What are the dimensions of your tank? If it is 4ft long then the aggression problems that Byron mentioned are less likely to occur so it could work. What Wills said still stands though so it might be best not to risk it.   Have thought of...
  14. wrightt3

    Trick For Making Your Fish Happier

    I think the essence of what he is trying to say is that if you move a fish to a larger tank then it somehow recognises that you are helping it and will therefore be more confident around you and accept food more readily.   I'm not sure if there is any truth behind this or if it is just a...
  15. wrightt3

    African Butterfly Fish

    Angelfish grow even bigger than African butterflyfish so the risk of them getting eaten is even higher. Saying that though, I've heard that if you introduce the angelfish when it is small and let it grow up with the fish then it is less likely to see them as food when fully grown.   They do fine...
  16. wrightt3

    African Butterfly Fish

    It might work... African butterfly fish are primarily insectivores and in nature would rarely prey on a fish. They spend the majority of their time at the surface of the water because of this and therefore often ignore fish in the middle and lower levels of the tank. If you keep it well fed then...
  17. wrightt3

    Tips For A Novice 'rare Betta' Keeper

    A foot!? I'd need to completely empty the tank lol. Tape it is then. Thanks very much for the help. I'll be sure to post some pictures if I go ahead with buying them.
  18. wrightt3

    Tips For A Novice 'rare Betta' Keeper

    Thanks for the quick reply! Whilst several pairs would be nice, the only place that I can find that sells them, does so for £15 each  I think initially I will just start of with a single pair.   As for feeding, which frozen foods would you recommend to provide a good variety and how often should...
  19. wrightt3

    Tips For A Novice 'rare Betta' Keeper

    I've been seriously considering purchasing some betta Channoides for my 15 gallon but heard that they can be quite difficult to keep. Given that they are fairly expensive to replace, I would greatly appreciate some tips for keeping them.   Firstly, how important is pH and hardness. I couldn't...
  20. wrightt3

    87 Gallon Stocking

    Given that severums grow to be 12 inches, your tank doesn't really give them a lot of room to turn around in. The rotkeil variety however might work as these don't tend to grow quite so big. I've also heard that green severums stay a bit smaller too but I can't confirm this.