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  1. Yazan

    Try This! Have A Look! Wierd!

    Man, please tell me how I remove this from my eye, I can still see it.
  2. Yazan

    Bunny Or A Cat?

    I will not spend my responsiblity taking it out, as I know that more troubles will happen and keeping it indoors is what I was going to do from the first thogh of getting one, though I will take it out sometimes.
  3. Yazan

    Bunny Or A Cat?

    Do bunnys need big spaces? Putting stuff around the rabbits teeth and all that stuff, guess I'm getting a kitten after some EXTRA research and planning.
  4. Yazan

    Bunny Or A Cat?

    My dad was about to buy me a kitten this week but then I say this widdle bunny waddling :( So I wanted one, but I also wanted a kitten, and I need your help! I need you to vote on what you advice, not what you think, for example don't say that a kitten is better because it's cute, a bunny is...
  5. Yazan

    Sig Test

    Upload it on "Photobucket" and get the url and add it to your sig, I don't think you can use HTML in your sig.
  6. Yazan

    Ds, Wii, Psp Or Ps3?

    I just got Xbox 360, it;s realy cool, i wanna try and get a PSP
  7. Yazan


    Shame, runescape is dead now, no more pking, i quit 2 weeks ago.
  8. Yazan

    New Computer!

    You're lucky!
  9. Yazan


    Do it and I'll report you. Your too of nooby to work for your skills. <_<
  10. Yazan

    Close Please!

    Close please, got every thing I need, when AVG was loading I closed it then the icon showed and I forgot that it didn't even load. I got Zone Alarm and AVG running, both free and I think the best!
  11. Yazan

    Isn't It About Time We.....

    I think we should try and beet 8,000. ---- Take A Look Scroll down and take a look, 8,442 members online at october 18, shame i didn't look, but i was there.
  12. Yazan

    Close Please!

    :rolleyes: I've downloaded PC tools, but, it did slow my PC down, but I'm sure AVG won't. So I downloaded it, then I want to install it and it says something is wrong with the installation. I will try do install it again and get what it says and post it.
  13. Yazan

    Looking The New Look Of Tff!

    When I came to login, the new skin/style appeared and I was like 'What the....', I thought I typed in a wrong URL, but then I logged in and the normal style came, don't like the new style really.... Don't be sad William, this isn't a waste, some people like it. ;)
  14. Yazan

    Is Bumping Allowed?

    Yes it is.
  15. Yazan

    Gravel Vacuuming

    When i use to have my tanks i use to stick the vacuum in the gravel to get the 'bad' stuff out. On my sand tanks i just hover the vacuum over the sand to get all the stuff. I do this every 2 weeks and i do a water change EVERY week.
  16. Yazan


    Hi all, I've done this forum and would like you to say what you think of it, not much to think of.... Anyway here it is; My Forum If you are a Runescape player please join, and I'm looking for 4-5 mods ;)
  17. Yazan

    Close Please!

    I've been downloading 'Comodo' but it got stuck half way so now I'm downloading 'PC protect tools', it is also free.
  18. Yazan

    Close Please!

    I'm downloading Comodo or whatever by Boboboy.
  19. Yazan

    Close Please!

    As some of you or maybe non of you know that there his a worm out there called "Bubbles" and I need a free up to date anti-virus program.....
  20. Yazan

    Help Emergency

    When the fish dies, sadly.......... start again and get these items; -Tank, big one -Filter; external if tank is over 40G -Sand/gravel -Plants/plastic/real (optional) -Light -Stones (optional) -Air stone, air pump -Fish Food -Water conditioner -vacuum, siphon -Bucket -Thermometer -Algae...