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    Stocking Advice Inspiration

    I have praecox rainbows and neon tetra, the blues compliment well and the size contrasts nicely. Both well behaved, shoal nicely, rainbows slightly more determined feeders but neons aren't disadvantaged. I'm new to Rainbows so go to @Colin_T for knowledge on them.
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    Do Biorb tanks come with different pumps sizes depending on the tank size?

    I agree, Biorbs are a pita! I don't think the air pump would make much difference but the gravel will. If you use gravel it is too small/ compacted to allow the water to flow to the filter. You need biorb media which is much chunkier and allows the system to operate much like an undergravel filter.
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    Hello and welcome :) :fish:
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    Live plants and snails.

    I buy Tropica plants which are grown in a vacuum. Last time I couldn't get Tropica so I put my that batch of plants in a quarantine tub with a heater. Each day I checked for snails and removed them. I got about 5. I left the plants in quarantine for 2 weeks. No snails got into my tank.
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    How many fish can I keep in my 138 liter tank?

    Gotcha. Maybe your dad could get you some of the data, it really will help get the right fish for your setup. It will be great if you could get a test kit, meanwhile your water suppliers website might show an average pH, GH and KH so you know what your working with. Ask your dad which company...
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    High Nitrate

    Disturbed gravel where you had a lot of debris. Increase water changes and keep cleaning the gravel very thoroughly to remove the organics. Maybe an idea to cut down on feeding too.
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    How many fish can I keep in my 138 liter tank?

    Can you measure the tank and post exact measurements for length height and depth? What are your water parameters and conditions? GH is often missed but very important when choosing fish, you might find it on your water providers website, or post a link If you can't see it.
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    Need help with water quality.

    Changing water doesn't cycle it. You need a source of ammonia to feed the beneficial bacteria so they will multiply. It takes around six weeks. It may be less than six weeks with SafeStart.
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    If the platy and neons are from the same source I would probably quarantine them together. I would wait until they are moved to the display tank to get the danios. I would be a bit concerned about stress in a small quarantine so wouldn't want the fast, active danios sharing space with the other...
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    4ft betta tank - equiptment and advice

    No such thing as "too big" when it comes to aquariums! But they don't look after themselves. I know what you're getting at though, that size space filled with plants would be awesome.
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    Opinion on what fish to add

    In the second pic they look my false julii. But even my schoal, bought at the same time and from the same tank, don't all look alike - some lighter than others, some more dots than lines, a couple with black iris instead of yellow, and a couple with short broken central line. I'm guessing that...
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    Fin rot.. I think?

    25 litre red cherry shrimp tank had hydra. Advised on here (Big thanks Colin_T) to use 2-4 tablespoons aquarium salt (API) per 5 gallons. Used 2.5 spoons dissolved and added a bit at a time over an hour. Left for a week. Did 10% daily water change for a week to slowly reduce salinity. Then...
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    Where did you buy the lotus? It's fabulous. :)
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    Fin rot.. I think?

    I have used salt in a shrimp (RCS) tank, no ill effects.
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    Unfiltered tanks

    Yes I agree your setup adheres to the TFF Betta Splendens Caresheet. It is a good suggestion to update it, it contains some poor advice. BTW, your betta is gorgeous!
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    Neon Tetra Bumps

    Poor things. I guess when they stop showing interest in food they are not going to recover. Wish there was an effective cure.
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    Neon Tetra Bumps

    Are they still showing an interest in food?
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    Neon Tetra Bumps

    So a long course of strong dose of Esha2000 finished, no improvement whatsoever.:no: I don't know what else to try doing now.