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  1. Lord Fishheart

    Cleaning Of Ocean Rock (Removal Of Algae)

    What is the best way to remove algae from Ocean Rock? Anybody had any experience?
  2. Lord Fishheart

    Coral Sand 25Kg 3Mm

    I have a bag of Coral Sand 25kg 3mm brand new bag, collect from Ferryhill, Co Durham £20
  3. Lord Fishheart

    Moss Balls X 13

    I have 13 Moss Balls various sizes £5.00 all in. Will accept paypal gift only
  4. Lord Fishheart

    Tropical Fish For Sale

    I have the following for sale, will not seperate. 4 x Silver Sharks 5 x Harlequin Raspboras 7 x Tiger Barbs 3 x Angelfish (2 gold, 1 marbled) 5 x Cardinal Tetras 2 x Platys 2 x Clown Loach 3 x Penguin Tetras 2 x Dojo Loach Please make me an offer, I am based in Ferryhill, County Durham for you...
  5. Lord Fishheart

    Cleaning A Structured Background

    I have the Juwel Rock background, took it out last night, anybody got any tips on what I can clean it with? Got loads of algae on? Any help appreciated
  6. Lord Fishheart


    Have you got the dimensions for this and would you take £20 including delivery? cheeky offer I know
  7. Lord Fishheart

    Plastic Plants X2

    £3 all in?
  8. Lord Fishheart

    Large Angel

    Location, Location, Location?
  9. Lord Fishheart

    Free Fish Wanted

    Community preferably in County Durham area.
  10. Lord Fishheart

    2nd Large Clearout - Wood/tank/foods Etc Etc

    Have you still got the plants mate?
  11. Lord Fishheart

    Small Tank Clearout - Fake Plants And Ornaments

    I will give you £7 including postage for all plants? If not, pm me to negotiate
  12. Lord Fishheart

    Ocean Rock

    I have got a wheelbarrow full, used it in my Juwel Trigon 350 for Mbuna would say about 60kg? looking for £60
  13. Lord Fishheart

    Mbuna For Sale

    Got about 20 Mbuna for sale, PM me for details
  14. Lord Fishheart

    Mbuna For Sale

    I have about 30 assorted MBuna for sale, species include Cynotilapia Afra, Yellow Tail Acei, Pseudotropheus saulosi, Rusty Cichlid Lavender Mbuna Iodotropheus sprengerae, Melanochromis johanni, Pseudotropheus elongatus "chailosi", Pseudotropheus elongatus "mpanga" And some more I can't...
  15. Lord Fishheart

    Giving Up The Hobby

    Due to lack of time and the introduction of a new baby, I can't give my tank and fish the time they fully deserve, therefore I am willing to let my tank go. I will soon have the following for sale Juwel Trigon 350 in Dark Wood with cupboard About 25 Lake Malawi Mbuna Fluval 405 Filter Loads of...
  16. Lord Fishheart

    Bogwood! 5 Pieces

    Selling 5 pieces of bogwood on a famous auction site. Item numbers are: 320388685778 320388685357 320388685015 320388684606 320388684138 Have a look see if the take your fancy!
  17. Lord Fishheart

    Wanted : Unwanted Mbuna And Ocean Rock

    Preferably for nowt, anybody wanting rid, let me know on here.
  18. Lord Fishheart

    Wanted : Unwanted Mbuna

    Anybody trying to get rid of any Mbuna? Send me a message and I could possibly home them, north east area only
  19. Lord Fishheart

    Selling 3ft Fish Tank

    Nice tank mate, would be interested if it weren't for the price as I am in County Durham. £315 is way too much in my opinion, you can get a nearly new Juwel Trigon 350 litre corner tank with cabinet for that 2nd hand. Good luck with the sale though, hope you get what you want :good:
  20. Lord Fishheart

    Wanted: Free Ocean Rock

    What you got? I have family in the midlands, who could collect