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  1. chesterscot

    Whats Happened

    Just wanted to ask what the blimin heck has happened to the forum its changed loads alot of cool people have dissapered and I dont know what to do with myself lol Regards Scot :D
  2. chesterscot

    Im Back

    Hi MBOU i remember you . You used to have a cat as an avatar did you not. Some of the mods on f/b are filling me in on the migration of some members its nice to hear from you just hope you remember me for good reasons lol. Im going to come on regularly again just took a while to get bk in to my...
  3. chesterscot

    Im Back

    Well my merry people I have found my way back o the forum after tradgedys and generally keeping a low profile........... So whats been happening this past year any of you old crew still around ??? regards Scot :D p.s Whats going on with chat for heavens sake ??
  4. chesterscot

    Hi Peeps

    Hi everyone lots of you may know me still I used to post a lot in this section.I will no doubt do so again and look forward to meeting all of you that I havnt had the pleasire of doping so yet Regards Scot
  5. chesterscot

    My New Hutch & Guinea Pigs

    Hi what a lovely palace your piggys have. What kind are they I would love to see them Regards
  6. chesterscot

    So Im Back

    Walkers me old mucker good to hear from ya m8 you still doin the discus ?
  7. chesterscot

    So Im Back

    Thank everyone:D Tolak its another sbt now have an 16 14 year old and the pup loads of fun lol Ace will come in to chat soon and say hi for sure Regards
  8. chesterscot

    So Im Back

    Hi Ianho,Llj Very nice indeed to hear from you both of coarse especially as I'm not in trouble hehe. @ Ianho you mean people actually think my posts are nice? Lol As for 2 more sleeps Ill be lucky to get 1. Collected another dog somehow now have three.( I aint building up numbers to rival...
  9. chesterscot

    So Im Back

    Thanx peeps @ tolak havw ya come to terms workin f/b yet ? Ha @ Caz ta hon oh yeah got months of pics to bore you with had 2 litters this week Can't wait to gert bk in chat ha the ultimate insomiacs friend lol Regards
  10. chesterscot

    So Im Back

    Hi ace my little chicken fluff and hello mike thanx for the welcome m8. Ace just had nothin excitin to tell the forum so been on the f/b page keepin my hand in. What you been up to then? Jp or anyone still about ?
  11. chesterscot

    So Im Back

    Hi everyone many of you will know me and for those that don't a hello to you too. Its been a while since I was on the forum but am going to be around a lot more I hope. So any of the old crew still around? Just wanted to say hi to the forum again really and see what's new? Regards Scot
  12. chesterscot

    Happy Birthday - Mikaila!

    Hey Mik have a great day hunny all the best and catch up soon I hope Regards :D
  13. chesterscot

    My Reason To Live.....

    Hey Lud mate I hope you stick around here for a long time to come yet (someone has to keep us rabble in check my friend) Regards
  14. chesterscot

    Birdie Hotel... Customers Are Demanding!

    I always get confused with just our own thrush species seffie lol I cant tell a song thrush from a mistle unless I have both to compare from at the same time :D Very nice pics Lud the "katlagter" looks very much like another thrush species as well just by its tail posture and what it is doing...
  15. chesterscot


    Hi everyone :D I was going through some pics on photobucket and found these of my little boy aka Dipsy my tough little stafford lol This is his innocent begging look :) nap time.......... Hope you like regards Scot :)
  16. chesterscot

    (Photo Heavy).... What I Saw At The Pet Shop Today.

    Hi here in the Uk Mandarins are not to pricey around £90 a pair we also have wild populations that along with everything else they kept escaped originally from victorian wildfowl collections Funky duck Imo the drakes especially I always think its mad the thought of ducks nesting in tree's lol...
  17. chesterscot

    My Bird Aviary

    Hi thanx for the info :) In the UK I think most of the breeding problems with gouldians is getting them to incubate tightly, If you want me to find you some articles on this let me know if they would be of interest to you. As for lovebirds I know exactly what you mean for such small birds they...
  18. chesterscot

    My Boxers & Staffy X

    Nice looking dogs you got there :D Love the staffy but I am biased lol I second the nomination for POTM Regards Scot :)
  19. chesterscot


    Love em Oscar is sweet as pie (all of them are but) :D regards scot :)
  20. chesterscot

    My Bird Aviary

    Lovely birds you have :) I especially like the gouldians as well but was always put off getting a few pairs when I had finches as I heard they prove to be terrible parents on the whole and that many keep bengalese just to foster. Ausralia is a kind of bird mecca for me lol you have so many...