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    New Eelcats

    wow, never seen them before. Just had a quick look on planetcatfish and i noticed you've already got them on your "my cats" bit. great photos and stunning fish, are you keeping them in a species tank or with tankmates? thanks, Tom
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    Mollie Breeding Tank Help!

    my experience with mollies is just leave them to it :) they seem to know what they're doin. makin your tank more fry friendly how lilfishie suggests will help u save a few more but the best thing to do is to get yourself a breeding trap. Tom
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    New Fish House Project (its Quite Big) 2800 Gal

    looking great, cant wait to see pics with the tanks in :D
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    Lovely looking Aro mate
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    Discus I.d

    Thanks :) Just hope i get some fry now, the pair have been in a separate tank for just over a week and as yet have shown no sign of spawning, i just need to be patient i think. Tom
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    Discus I.d

    Hi Dwyer, i wouldnt worry too much, it just a matter of time. Heres a couple of pics of my discus when i first got them at around 2" total length As you can see they were showing only a little colour around their edges, i bought them as red turqs and like you i was really hoping for more...
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    Viability Of My 36gal Apistogramma Idea?

    I'm no expert with Apistos, only had a few in the few years I’ve been keeping fish. I like the sound of your idea but I think the stocking levels are a little ambitious. From what I remember reading about apistos, females will find a suitable cave and defend a territory around it, these...
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    Post Your Macro Fish Pics

    Here's a few of my old macro photo's Apisto Eremnopyge Male Apisto Eremnopyge Female Krib fry Aphyosemion Australe Male Aphyosemion Australe Female Rams Betta Fry African Dwarf Frog Sorry for so many pics :) None of them have been Photoshopped - just resized Tom
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    Moto Gp Video

    hi, me and my mate were pretty bored yesterday so we made this video, hope you guys like it. Moto GP Video cheers, Tom
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    Apisto. Eremnopyge

    cheers for all the info, Tom
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    Apisto. Eremnopyge

    Well thanks for the replies guys, sorry I haven’t checked this post in a while, I described these fish as Apsito Eremnopyge as this is what they were sold to me as, however I would stand by that after looking at various information and pics. I’ve taken a couple more for you to have a look at...
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    Apisto Eremnopyge

    hello. some of you may have noticed My post in the new world cichlid section a few days ago. well the eggs i had then are now fry in the cave. heres a half decent pic of the male and a quick full tank shot may as well add a quick video well i dont know if the fry will survive but the way...
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    Apisto. Eremnopyge

    thanks for the comments, i wasnt planning on breeding them straight away and i doubt too many if any of the fry will survive in the community. i'll be moving them to a 10g later into a breeding setup, cheers, Tom
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    Apisto. Eremnopyge

    Hello, Some of you may have noticed my post a few days ago, I received these two through the post on Wednesday and within hours of being in the tank they where flirting. This morning I noticed that the female was defending her cave, chasing off anyone who got too close (including 3.5"ish...
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    My Pond With Added Sturgeons!

    sweet man, thats all i can say!
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    New Fish Through The Post

    I've never had any fish posted to me before i was always worried that they'd die in transit, well i saw an advert on aquarist classified for Apistos, i've been looking for Apisto Eremnopyge for a while and they arent too easy to come by, i took the plunge and they arrived at around 12 today. i...
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    Pleco Id? With Pics

    lovely lookin pleco, i'd say it was an L027 L027 not 100% sure but i hope it helps, Tom
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    can they see each other? constant flaring can stress them out Tom
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    Your Good Advice On These Plecos

    Hi, i've got 3 l066 king tigers, they're great, they wont destroy your plants, they aren't agressive on their own but they scuffle occaisionally when kept in groups, i had one on his own for about 2 months, i only really saw his tail sticking out from behind a rock in those 2 months, i never saw...
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    What Kind Of Plec Is He He ?

    Hi, how big is he/she? i'm not very good at id'ing plecos but heres a couple of suggestions, L174 L224 not sure if its either, gorgeous pleco tho!! sure someone else will be able to confirm what it is for you. Tom