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  1. mark.w.jones

    Keeping An Empty Tank Cycled

    Raising ammonia levels with fish food is really not an exact science and is very messy. It would not be my preferred option. Is there any way you can move all of the media from this tank's filter to the filter of a tank which is currently stocked? Either that or you need to go down the route of...
  2. mark.w.jones

    My Update's Today.

    Looks great. Would recommend you move your 2 java fern (in front of your tall vallis) and tie them to your wood as you have done with your anubias sp. Java fern doesn't like growing in a substrate, tends to get blackened leaves which fall off
  3. mark.w.jones

    I Accidentally Bust A Myth

    No one is saying you can't use UV to manage algae in an overstocked tank. However, your have to bear in mind that if any part of your system goes wrong then your tank's condition / water quality will go down far quicker than in a correctly stocked tank. There is very little room for error in...
  4. mark.w.jones

    Fish Keep Dieing

    Fairly hardy but interesting species I would recommend are: Glowlight tetras Cardinal tetras Harlequin rasboras Most cory species Dwarf Neon Rainbows Gold Barbs
  5. mark.w.jones

    Bosemani Rainbow Scale Damage

    The main problems with scale damage comes from secondary infection so just keep an eye it. An all male tank is always going to be fiestier sp? than an all female tank. However, with a solitary female to compete for you will get far more territorial displaying than you would do without the female...
  6. mark.w.jones

    My Fish Are Going Nuts Any Reason?

    I would guess that your tank is currently cycling, read link in my signature so water stats are probably not OK. Any levels of ammonia and nitrite can lead to the skittish behaviour you describe. You have also not posted your exact readings in ppm for the amount of ammonia or nitrite in your...
  7. mark.w.jones

    Bosemani Rainbow Scale Damage

    Scale damage is a common problem with Boesmanis. Particularly when you have an abundance of males as you do. Usually the bigger males fight the most while the smaller ones keep out of the way if they can. One of your males will eventually become "top dog" regularly patrolling an area of the tank...
  8. mark.w.jones

    Fish Keep Dieing

    Yes you are understocked and your water stats look ok. My guess would therefore be that your mollies have unfortunately fallen foul of not being kept in brackish water conditions as they really should be. Although people say they are hardy fish, I have read numerous posts on here who have had...
  9. mark.w.jones

    Feeding Strategies

    Fish feed in the area of the water column that they do because of evolution and their habitat in the wild. All fish have evolved and developed to exploit the food sources available in their habitat. Most bottom feeders such as cories and catfish have developed down turned mouths to make it easy...
  10. mark.w.jones

    My Fish Are Going Nuts Any Reason?

    Need to know more detail: 1. Current stock. 2. Tank capacity 3. How you prepared tank for fish. 4. Water stats for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH
  11. mark.w.jones

    Fish Keep Dieing

    Your water stats do look fine. 1. What's your tank's water capacity. 2. What's your current stock? 3. Have any of your current stock been introduced only recently. Mollies are considered brackish tropical fish and often don't do as well in a freshwater set up. From what I've read it's not...
  12. mark.w.jones

    52 Gal Tall Boy

    Tank mates for angels must be selected with care, particularly when you get a bonded m+f couple. My favourite fish for colour are rainbow sp. as well as Congo tetras. Although you need to look into whether you have enough tank width as they are active species.
  13. mark.w.jones

    10 Gallon

    All you current fish should really be in schools of at least 5. Individuals become stressed quickly and usually die much younger. That cory species reaches around 3" which is too big really for a 10 gallon tank. Mollies actually do better in brackish conditions and are really too big for a 10...
  14. mark.w.jones

    Looking To Join This Beautiful Hobby

    As long as the thermometers are glass ones then they're fine. Its worth buying 2 just to be on the safe side. Gravel or sand has been discussed to death in this forum. I have one sand tank and one with black gravel and love them both. Gravel hides mess better but is not great for bottom feeders...
  15. mark.w.jones

    Fish Cycle

    Do you already have fish in there then? If so you will now have no choice but to do a "fish in" cycle. Basically, add no more than 4-5 small fish. Leave for aroun 2 weeks whilst doing regular (every few days) water changes of about 25% and tests for ammonia and nitrite. After 2 weeks add your...
  16. mark.w.jones

    How To Take Quality Photos Of Your Fish.

    Unfortunately I was a bit slow and hadn't realised that some git already had a pinned article on photographing fish in the members aquariums and pictures forum 4 years before I wrote mine (I think mine is better incedently). I live in hope that by bumping it up the forum every year that someone...
  17. mark.w.jones

    Looking To Join This Beautiful Hobby

    It is indeed. Carbon is only useful when removing fish meds you may have added or to a certain extent to remove tannins from the water. Replace with sponge. Your different media should become finer in texture as the water passes through it. By this I mean that the first part of your filter the...
  18. mark.w.jones

    Chris's 130l Tank

    Hate to rain on your parade but mollies are actually brackish and should really be kept in slightly salty water which most community tropicals won't cope with. Your substrate will be fine. A bristlenose plec is not a bad choice for an algae eater. I think you would be OK with an angel fish as...
  19. mark.w.jones

    My Tank - Jewel Vision 450

    Needs a whole load of real plants in my opinion. Link in sig. for some easy to grow ones. Far easier than people think. :good:
  20. mark.w.jones

    Options For 10 Gallon Tank

    I would disagree with this statement. Whilst plants do remove negligable amounts of free ammonia, nitrite and nitrate it is not reliable to do so to keep their levels sustainably low. Overstocking is the cause of most problems with water quality so I would never recommend that a beginner with...