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  1. GrayScale


    I've been researching a little into hydroponics to learn more about indoor growing of various types of plants. I was curious to see how many around here use hydroponics and if so, what types of system(s) do you have? I have been considering starting with an inexpensive bubbler system to attempt...
  2. GrayScale

    Mantis Shrimp

    So i've actually been doing some research on mantis shrimp and now understand peoples obsessions with them! Some view them as pests while others as pets. Mostly due to there aggressive behavior towards other tank mates. Lets face it, these stomatopods are beautiful and seem pretty interesting...
  3. GrayScale

    Enoplometopus Debelius

    Anyone had experience with these lobsters? I've read a little about them but wanted to know if anyone has had any personal experience. And no, i'm not really looking into getting one but they do look pretty cool.
  4. GrayScale

    What Gets You In The Christmas Spirit?

    I thought I would share this with everyone. This is my friend Alex. He did a cover of a metal instrumental version of "Carol of the Bells" by August Burns Red. This to me has kick started my christmas spirit this year. Enjoy...
  5. GrayScale

    My Newest Addition

    Meet my new addition! She's an anerythristic corn snake which I recieved on Tuesday. I haven't come up with a name yet, what do you all think? I will definately get some better pics once she is settled in more and I start to handle her. She is just over 2ft long and is about a year old.
  6. GrayScale

    What Are You Listening To?

    Currently I am listening to: Bullet for my Valentine Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
  7. GrayScale

    Freebies For The Win!

    So my office is moving to a new location within a month and at our current location we have a fish tank. It belongs to the vp of my office and they offered the tank to me since I usually maintain it and they arent planning on taking it with! Im not sure of the size and I dont have the...
  8. GrayScale

    Uv Sterilizers

    I'm just doing a little reasearch on some additional items that could make the system more stable. What effect does a uv sterilizer have on a tank? Does it just help keep the water looking super clear or are there other effects to stabilize chemistry. Ive got a chance at getting a 15w for a...
  9. GrayScale


    Come on now, I know some of you have motorcycles so what ya got and lets see some pics.
  10. GrayScale

    Star Wars Fans?

    Just as the title says, any star wars fans around here? I'm asking cause the new mmorpg is coming out soon and I just got the collectors edition pre-ordered.
  11. GrayScale

    My New Ride!

    Here is my new motorcycle I just purchased yesterday! It's a Honda shadow spirit 750 v twin all black with chrome. :D can't wait for the weather to be nicer!
  12. GrayScale

    Grayscale's 55G Peice Of Paradise

    For about the past 6 months I have been considering a marine reef tank. I've gone from planning on converting my 10g FW tank, to converting my FW 20g long tank, to finally deciding on a 55 US gallon with a 20g long sump! :D This will be a slow setup over the next few months and by April I should...
  13. GrayScale

    Assassin Snails And Plants

    Will assassin snails eat live plants? I'm starting to get a grossly large population of pond snails that I'd like to take care of with the assassin snails but I will look into an alternative if they eat my plants. I do have watersprite and I know snails love it.
  14. GrayScale

    Quite The Suprise!

    So I rescaped my 20g long for my biotope and moved all of my CPDs and red cherry shrimp into it from my 10g. It's been about 2 weeks and I've pretty much stripped my 10g down to just a peice of bogwood, some java moss and 2 java ferns. One day my girlfriend was looking into the still running but...
  15. GrayScale

    Hob Skimmers

    I know I've been creeping around the salty side of the forums for a couple of weeks asking how to convert my 10g into a nano reef. After further thinking once I move I think I want to go a little bigger, 55g! 48"x13"x20" with a 20g long (30"x12"x12") sump. I am planning and drafting my own...
  16. GrayScale


    I noticed that the marine section has a "coral of the week". I was wondering if maybe we could do something like this for plants so people can share their experiences with specific plants and general growing parameters, trimming, etc.
  17. GrayScale

    Phosban Reactor Or External Canister?

    So I'm attempting to make a parts list to start ordering stuff for my 10g nano reef conversion So far I've come up with the following: 2x20w t5ho - 1 10,000k and 1 460nm actinic Blue DIY LED for moonlighting HOB protein skimmer of course the sand and LR are needed but not on my "equipment"...
  18. GrayScale

    Takashi Amano At Work

    This is truly the awesome! :hyper: :hyper: Takashi Amano is seriously skilled and I'm sharing this with you all because I think you will enjoy it! Enjoy!
  19. GrayScale

    10Usg Nano Reef Lighting

    Currently I have a 10g tank that was just emptied and was thinking of what I could do with it and decided that I want a nano reef. My girlfriend disagrees because of the cost but I think she'll understand when it's all said and done. Alright enough with the rambling. It's currently just got...
  20. GrayScale

    Ceratopteris Thalictroides

    I was wondering if these can be trimmed in any way? From what I've read the only way to keep these at bay is by taking the plantlets and replanting them in place of the mother plant but I just wanted a second opinion.