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  1. GrayScale

    Lighting And Filtrarion?

    I won't be able to advise on the lighting but I can on the filter. If you use the filter with the included filter media, it will pretty much be doing the same thing as the live rock in the system so it wouldn't really be too beneficial. A protein skimmer and that filter serve different...
  2. GrayScale

    Needing A Background Plant

    Water sprite, Ceratopteris thalictroides, grows pretty fast and covers very well.
  3. GrayScale

    Any Snake Keepers On The Forum?

    I've got a young anery corn snake myself. Looking into breeding her in the next couple years when she's old/big enough.
  4. GrayScale

    Help With New Reef

    As your name suggsests, I'm assuming your coming from the freshwater side of things. Stocking in a marine tank is entirely different so throw what you know about stocking a freshwater completely out the window. A 10g tank would not be suitable for a pair of clowns I'm afraid, even for the...
  5. GrayScale

    Wpg...still Unsure Here

    Correct, wpg is calculated by dividing the watt of the bulb and the tanks volume in gallons. Keep in mind wpg is just a general guideline. Never had nay experience with screw in bulbs so I'm not sure if that would differ from the normal t8/t5 tube ballasts.
  6. GrayScale

    This Week's Off Topic Topic (13/02/12)

    Out of high school I wanted to go to college to major in IT or biology to be a marine biologust/ecologist. I spent 1 semester at community college where I failed miserably and decided I wasn't ready yet. So, I got a decent job in a call center for an alarm company. It's definitely not what I...
  7. GrayScale

    My Article On Teenage Drinking

    Good read. The keyword in the OP that should be remembered in this thread is "opinionated". Everyone is entitled to one and I believe yours is pretty valid. And as such, opinions are subject to change. :P Alcoholism is a form of addiction which, yes, is genetic. IMO, the reason for age...
  8. GrayScale

    Pmdd, Algae And High Phosphates!

    What kind of lighting do you have and for how long is it on?
  9. GrayScale

    Llj's 8G Oceanic Biocube

    I was actually just thinking about this as well while re-reading this thread. Could be something very interesting to test out. I couldn't see corals being affected as much as fish if its only 1, hour long "storm" per week, possibly before/after a water change? Fish on the other hand, I would...
  10. GrayScale

    Llj's 8G Oceanic Biocube

    A wave maker to change the current during the lightening effect would be awesome.
  11. GrayScale

    Llj's 8G Oceanic Biocube

    Thats so awesome!
  12. GrayScale


    Lol, no way would I risk myself or my job doing something like that.
  13. GrayScale


    I've been researching a little into hydroponics to learn more about indoor growing of various types of plants. I was curious to see how many around here use hydroponics and if so, what types of system(s) do you have? I have been considering starting with an inexpensive bubbler system to attempt...
  14. GrayScale

    Calling Artists And Anyone Brave Enough!

    Liking tats on women is a total personal preferance. I for one think it is very atrractive if a woman is covered in *tasteful and meaningful* tattoos. Tattoos are a form of expression and can sometimes tell a life story or a belief. Kat Von D with make-up on is, IMO, very attractive. Without...
  15. GrayScale

    Llj's 8G Oceanic Biocube

    Another one?! You're for sure going to be busy on wc day. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with this one! :good:
  16. GrayScale

    Weekly "off Topic" Topic (30/01/120

    I've been stopped a few times and been asked for money. I don't carry cash so I just tell them like it is. There was one time I was in Philly with some co workers just to get food, which is like a 3 hour drive. The last stop of our food adventure ended at a place called Tony Lukes, which has...
  17. GrayScale

    Are Kribensis Fin-Nippers?

    I think it all depends on the size of the aquarium. If you get a breeding pair of kribs, very fun by the way, they tend to be much more aggressive when they spawn. If you got enough space in the tank and you can set up about 3 hides for the kribs, they should be okay. Just be careful of any...
  18. GrayScale

    Mixing Saltwater. R.o Or Tap

    Definitely want to use R.O. R.O. is clean of impurities that come in tap. The salt will add back in all the beneficial nutrients and only those. You use tap water, you get a whole much of metals, chlorine, etc...
  19. GrayScale

    Pros And Cons Of A Pico Tank.

    Thats like 3g US. Don't believe it would be suitable for fish. You might be able to get away with some inverts and possibly some zoanthid coral. I wouldn't recommend something so small though. Have you done marine before? I must say, when considering marine, smaller is definately tempting due to...
  20. GrayScale

    Pros And Cons Of A Pico Tank.

    Pros: Small size making water changes easier Price is cheaper Cons: More frequent water changes More frequent top offs Higher chance of whole system crash Very limited stocking options 1. Not too many options here for fish. Pico is a pretty large range for marines, what size were you...