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    Donate Your Old Fish Tank

    Pity you're so far away cos I've got a nice stand you could have.
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    Beech Cabinet For Sale

    I have an aquaone beech cabinet for sale, Its for the 620 90ltr tank or any other 2ft tank. Its in excellent condition with two doors and two shelves. Its only £25 for a quick sale, If anyone is interested please PM me. I'm in Cheshire. Thanks
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    Help Creatures In My Tank Again!

    I've just googled 'freshwater nymphs and found a pic of a mayfly larvea (sp) its very similar to that apart from the fact its only got 4 legs and the body is longer and the tail forked, but shorter. I just hope I don't find any more of these thing cos they are horrid!!! Thanks a lot guys!
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    Picture Of Creatures In My Tank

    Mmm someone said it could possibly that when I caught one of these things a few weeks ago. Goodness knows how they are getting in there. I've not seen any damselfly or dragonflies any where around here. What happens when they grow? Do they suddenly fly out of the tank???? :crazy:
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    Help Creatures In My Tank Again!

    Thanks for replying. I've just googled planaria and nematodes. Forgive me for being stupid but are they the same type of thing? I guess I've been overfeeding according to the site I've just read. I'll cut down on that immediately and see if they disappear. Any ideas on the other thing I...
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    Help Creatures In My Tank Again!

    Hi Everybody. A few weeks ago I got a strange creature out of my tank during a water change. Today I got another one, Yuck! There were also tiny little worm like things in there as well!!! Can anyone identify them for me please? I must admit they are really creeping me out and I'm loath to...
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    Picture Of Creatures In My Tank

    Hi, Hope this works and someone can tell me what it is.. Sorry the pic is so bad but its the best I could do. Its the thing near the top to the right. Its about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long and wriggles about from side to side when swimming! Its got 4 legs at the front of its body and a forked...
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    Weird Little Creature

    Thanks for quick replies people! The water isn't stagnant and its moving on the surface but having just googled dragonfly larvea I'm guessing its something like that that has somehow managed to get under my lid. It looks similar to the pictures I've just seen of the dragonfly larvea so I'm...
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    Weird Little Creature

    Hi I was changing the water in my newly set up shrimp tank, when I pulled the jug out I saw something swimming and immediately thought I'd caught a little shrimp! However when I looked closely I saw this tiny thing that I can only discribe as being like a tiny baby hammerhead shark! Obviously...
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    Where To Buy Shrimps On-line

    Thanks Minxfishy :good: Have PM'd Shaz.
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    Where To Buy Shrimps On-line

    Hi Everyone. I've set up a little tank just for shrimps. The only trouble is that today I asked in my lfs and they said that they can't get any because they're getting hard to find! Does anyone know a good place on-line to buy small freshwater shrimps please? Thanks
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    Need A Little Advice Please!

    Another good idea. Thats the way I use to have an undergravel filter many years ago. I didn't realise that bettas didn't like a current! Good job you told me that, I wouldn't like to stress him out as soon as I buy him! Guess its back to the pet shop for me tomorrow! :rolleyes:
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    Need A Little Advice Please!

    Mmm, never thought of that! Maybe it would look better that way. At the moment its being hidden behind some plants I've put in. I'll give it a few days and decide which way is better. I always have a mess about at first rearrangeing things! Must admit I'm very impressed with the silence of...
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    Need A Little Advice Please!

    Hi Everyone. Just bought myself a little aquaone tank to set up a betta/shrimp tank. Its got an undergravel filter (I know, they're not very good but decided to try it anyway.) My question is: The 'powerhead' on the filer fits just above the plastic underground bit. Does anyone know whether...
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    Old Fishkeeping Techniques...

    My father in law kept a 4ft tank about 20 years ago. community fish. Every 6 months or so he would ask me to clean it for him. Everything came out, fish, gravel, ornaments, filter. Them I'd wash them all (apart from the fish lol) in warm water with a little washing up liquid, then put it all...
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    Tff Ukaps Bbq

    Sounds great! Wish I could be there but you live too far away! :sad: Hope you all have a good time. :band: :drinks: :drink: :pepsi: :friends:
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    2,000 Neon Tetra?!

    That photo is beautiful! Wish I could see something like that. Goddam fear of flying phobia! :<
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    The funniest thing you've ever seen your fish do

    The funniest thing I ever saw was in my sons shrimp tank. He threw in a few peas and one of the shrimps grabbed one and tried to climb the ornament he has in there. Its about 12" high and this shrimp was trying his best to climb this thing backwards with a huge pea in his claws. We must have...
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    Not A Good Day

    Maybe shelaghfishface poor Helen has got a little 'frog in her throat!' :rofl:
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    Whats Your All Time Favourite Song?

    I've always loved 'Its a wonderful world' by Louis Armstrong. Wanted it played at my funeral but the TV ruined that by making it the theme tune to 'Life of Grime!!' Now my hubby says I'll have to choose another song because he wouldn't want to thinking of peoples filthy houses while I was...