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  1. Ben M

    Do Otos Fare Well With Siamese Algae Eaters?

    I've kept both together in the past without any problems. :good:
  2. Ben M

    Youtube Account Just For Bristlenose :)

    I'll have a look. :good:
  3. Ben M

    Using Wood From The Woods

    If you are looking for rooty wood, then heather would be a good choice. I 'borrowed' some from the Yorkshire moors for my nano tank, and it looks cool. The only problem is it takes hours to de-bark. If you soak it in water for a few days first it's easier to get the bark off. They burn so much...
  4. Ben M

    Can Someone Tell Me What's Going On With My Java Ferns?

    The leaves and roots are baby plants, which grow on the old leaves of java ferns.
  5. Ben M


    I've found that total wipeout and Takeshi's castle get really boring really quickly. Especially Total wipeout (UK) because Richard Hammond is really annoying on it (he's much better on Top Gear).
  6. Ben M

    New To Goldfish

    Goldfish are by no means low maintenance. Personally I think goldfish should only really be kept in ponds or very large tanks, as they grow very large (common goldfish can exceed a foot by a long way, and fancy goldfish can also grow very large). In a tank that size, a massive amount of...
  7. Ben M

    Monster Master Mbuna

    It's looking good. :good: Are those rocks on top of the sand or directly on the base?
  8. Ben M

    Will Malawis Attack A Dwarf Frog

    Personally I think the frog wouldn't stand a chance with the malawis. I have BNs with my malawis without problems, but plecs don't seem to be noticed by the malawis as they stay on the rocks. Frogs will probably be attacked as they swim about and I don't suppose they'd be able to take much abuse.
  9. Ben M

    My 210L Malawi Cichlid Tank

    Thanks. I'm quite pleased with how it looks ATM. I've got all of the small rocks for fry to hide in, as my fry tank is full ATM. One of the jalo reef spat this morning, and I can see some tiny fry hiding in the rocks. I'm really pleased, as the jalo reef are my favourite fish in this tank, and...
  10. Ben M

    My 210L Malawi Cichlid Tank

    Hi guys, here is a vid of my 4ft malawi cichlid tank. The stocking is in the description. :good:
  11. Ben M

    210L Mbuna Journal

    Hi guys, here's a vid of the tank.
  12. Ben M

    Siphoning - Dangerous?

    rofl :lol:
  13. Ben M

    Siphoning - Dangerous?

    I wouldn't personally suck the end of the tube to start the syphon as I use a hose pipe to do water changes, and it's been in all sorts of horrible places! I agree though that the chances of catching anything are pretty slim, although there's no need to take the risk if it is convenient to...
  14. Ben M

    Happy Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone! And happy belated Solstice lol.
  15. Ben M

    210L Mbuna Journal

    I haven't been on this site for ages, so I thought I'd update. I have added 3 Aulonocara orange peacocks to the tank. I have also got about 40-50 mpanga fry growing on in my shrimp tank. The fish are all growing really well, many are reaching the 3" mark. I've had females of all of the fish...
  16. Ben M

    Worried About My Stand

    Make sure you empty ALL of the water and substrate from the tank before you try to lift it. If not the bottom could break, and then you would have problems! :good:
  17. Ben M

    Worried About My Stand

    It doesn't sound good if there is a gap under the tank in the middle. I'd put it on a proper aquarium stand. A 30g tank is really heavy, and a lot of furniture won't be able to take the weight.
  18. Ben M

    My Newest Addition

    She looks great. I wish I was allowed snakes lol.
  19. Ben M

    Please Identify Those Eggs

    They look like snail eggs to me. :good:
  20. Ben M

    Happy Birthday - Benm

    Cheers guys, I had a really good day. And to top it all off, when I got home last night I noticed that one of my Cynotilapia afra jalo reef females and one of my Pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga females are holding eggs!!