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    6 Gallon Sanzon Iwagumi

    Take your meds...
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    6 Gallon Sanzon Iwagumi

    Now I think you're the one who's had too much coffee.
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    More Plants To Id!

    This may help you for future purchases.
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    6 Gallon Sanzon Iwagumi

    The first thing I was going to tell you after having read the thread was to lose the canister. Man, does it take up real estate! If I could quibble at anything, it's the planting methods. Eleocharis and Hemianthus really do best when planted in much smaller clumps. Yep, a huge, tedious...
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    So you assumed the filter would take care of the ammonia produced by the florabase?
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    I find this a bit hard to digest. I've run several planted tanks in the past with brand new filters and have not experienced this and I didn't cycle any of those tanks. They did the silent cycle. Also, why, in a densely planted tank, would you even bother cycling a tank or using mature media...
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    Easiest, Low Light, Low Maintenance Plants

    The 20g will grow the crypts and other things fine with 15W of T8, so basically stock lighting is totally fine for most low-light plants (java fern, mosses, crypts, swords, etc). No CO2, no fancy substrate. Check out this thread...
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    Plant Assistance Please

    Those look way different from each other!
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    Plant Assistance Please

    It's Cyperus helferi. Aquatic. Up the daylight bulb photo period to 8 hours, turn off the air stones. While you need some surface agitation, having run many non CO2 planted tanks in my time, you don't want water breakage, that's for SW, but ripples that don't break, if you know what I mean...
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    Experienced Fw With Questions About Sw

    You live here... And I think, the owner allows for pickups. Nice guy, we've exchanged emails a year ago. You might want to see if you can schedule a pick up of any LR you do order. Tampa is actually one of the most active Marine reefing hubs in the country. If you...
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    Missing Posts

    I no longer work as mod here, so I'm in the dark as to what has happened. I'm sure the new team will fix it. L
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    I have too many tanks...

    I have too many tanks...
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    Going Salty - Nano

    Look at the classifieds for people who are taking down their tanks. That's usually a good place to find decent LR with stuff on it. I'm US so I don't know derbyshire. Also, be sure to check out the nano resource center in the pinned topics above. I highly recommend that you add all the LR...
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    Llj's 36G Corner Bowfront... Out Of The Ashes...

    Ok, I was supposed to get a pair of pearly jawfish today and my LFS had a pair of pearly jawfish. I, however, am stupidly picky about my fish and one had a ripped fin. On the other hand, there was a delightful single pearly jawfish that looked better, so I just took him. Already digging...
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    Simplicity... Llj's Fluval Spec

    :lol: I tend to convert people. I added some components to this tank. First, the refugium is now complete. It'll run on an opposite photo period. Second, here's some critters from my other tanks. 2 scarlet hermits & and assortment of snails. No banded trochus. I want one and have one...
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    Llj's 36G Corner Bowfront... Out Of The Ashes...

    yeah, I'm glad too. I see growth, so this is an excellent sign. Some polyps will be going into my new Fluval Spec, but most of them will stay here, I think, in a section of the tank. Saves me money on corals actually. I really need to change the filter pads on my RO unit, that's next week's...
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    Simplicity... Llj's Fluval Spec

    Here are some details about what I want to accomplish with this system. Stats -Fluval Spec with back chamber emptied out to serve as a giant refugium, everything else I will try to have remain stock . I will see if I can fit a Rio 90 into the pump chamber of the Spec. If so, I may try to...
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    Llj's 8G... Yuma/zoanthid Garden

    Hmmmm, may be a condition of my particular eagle eyes. There are so many morphs. I like Coraffix for attaching frags. For rock, I still use old fashioned putty. Oh, you're welcome, 56jman. I've enjoyed my time here, but I'm not going anywhere! I'm still here. LOLOL Retired doesn't mean...
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    Haven't Been Around In A While

    Inchy is forum admin now. How are you doing? I remember your posts. Is it Frank? I haven't kept cories in a long spell, went salty. :) L