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    Giant African Shrimp - Atya Gabonensis

    I'm fairly sure A. gabonsensis don't need iodine supplementing, based on what I've read. It's one of the that shrimp live in areas of very little iodone - eg rain-fed rivers - and typically have a low need for it. If they can get trace amounts from food, that's enough. The 'iodine myth' is a...
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    Giant African Shrimp - Atya Gabonensis

    How turbulent is the water? If there's not enough movement they seem to become lazy about filtering. The faster the current the more likely you are to see them with fans out, clinging on for dear life. That's their ideal set-up, a tank sparingly decorated with rocks and branches with a VERY...
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    Anyone Bought Shrimp From This Guy?

    Clickable link doesn't work, it's been shortened by the forum software I think. I used the full link by quoting the post. If anyone is having trouble the seller is Eaquaplant and the item is 180168226787. Post from Thailand should be okay. Cherries are tolerant of cool water and fairly...
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    Macrobrachium Rosenbergii In Uk?

    I've seen them quite regularly in Britain's Aquatic Superstore in Bolton. That's the other side of Manchester. I'm sure the other big shops, like Wildwoods, get them occassionally. Late last year I saw them in a small local shop who received them instead of the amano shrimp they ordered. Bit...
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    Can You Id This Bright Red/orange Puffer?

    Yep, the ones I saw do indeed look like they're T. miurus. Wow, I never realised they could be so stunningly red. Thanks, kewskills.
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    Can You Id This Bright Red/orange Puffer?

    No picture, sorry. Yesterday I saw some 2" very bright red/orange puffers at BAS, Bolton. They weren't labelled yet and the staff member I spoke to had no idea what they were. Amazing colour, really eye-popping. Any ideas what they are?
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    Cherry Shrimp Not Multiplying

    Females can become pregnant by about 6 weeks old. I suspect males take a little longer to mature. When I've kept young males & females they bred at around 8 weeks, a few weeks after the young female/old male tank. 6 weeks to maturity and a 4 week pregnancy = a plague of shrimp. In my...
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    Baby Aegla

    I'm copying over the post I made at shrimpnow for those who go there. "At long last I've got some tiny little Aegla babies. They must have hatched about 7-10 days ago but I only saw them 4 days ago when I noticed this tiny little set of claws in my bogwood. They're about 2-3mm long and were...
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    Amona And Cherry Shrimp

    Baby newborn cherries will probably be hunted by the mollies if they're very small. 1" is fully grown for cherries and safe. I have a few adult cherries in my molly tank specifically for this - the mollies love chasing the babies. They don't bother with anything over a centimeter though, and...
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    Az Gardens Is Hilarious

    I've seen them mentioned on 2 shrimp forums, always a post like "Aghhh, my shrimp arrived dead!!!!!!!1111" or "what the hell did they send me??!!11". :crazy:
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    Legal Crayfish?

    Aegla are NOT crayfish. Same suborder (Pleocyemata), different infraorder (crays are Astacidea, Aegla are Anomura). True crabs are Brachyura and so Aegla aren't actually more closely related to them than to crays, or shrimp for that matter. It's confusing since we use the term 'crab' for so...
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    Aegla Species

    Common Name(s): Freshwater Squat Lobster, Cockroach Crayfish Scientific Name: Aegla species. A. platensis and A. affinis seem the most commonly traded species and have similar care needs. Family: Anomura Origin: Freshwater, commonly fast-moving rivers. All species are only found in the...
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    Hnag On Wall Aquarium

    Are these available in the UK? I read somewhere they can't be exported from the US because they're a protected species. If you go freshwater, all the dwarf shrimp will be fine in a skinny tank. Red cherries, crystal red, bumblebee etc.
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    Strange Id Please

    Maybe a caddisfly nymph? Or Alderfly? I bet it's a nymph of some kind. Troutnut probably has a photo somewhere. I've no idea what kind are around Canada this time of year. Actually, I don't even know what is kind are...
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    Good Place To Buy Cherry Shrimp?

    Howdy, That's an Aegla in my avatar, bought from the site you mentioned. They're legal in the UK as they're not crayfish (they're Anomurans like hermit 'crabs'). Most of the info on them is in Spanish as they're a big fly-fishing bait for trout. If you search for 'pancora' or 'pancoras'...
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    Cherry Shrimps & Fry

    Cherry shrimp and molly fry are fine together. I had about 5 adult cherries in my molly tank hoping the newborn shrimplets would be a tasty snack for the mollies I was trying to breed. The molly momma gave birth to 40 babies 2 days after arriving and was moved to a bigger tank. The baby...
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    Can Anything Be Kept With Piranhas?

    Back in the late 80s I had a weekend job in a fish shop and we usually had some small fish in with the redbelly piranha, things like tetras. If a tetra got sick it was killed by the piranha and once or twice they went on a rampage and bit loads of tetras in half. They didn't eat them, just...
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    African Dwarf Frogs

    I might be wrong about this but I'm pretty sure ADFs are often treated badly by importers. In a couple of local shops I notice a lot of dead frogs so the ones people buy might well be damaged and dying. My best local shop (Oasis in Salford, Manchester) has had to quarentine them a few times...
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    New Adf Tank....frogs Tomorow!

    Great tank! That looks wonderful, full of hiding places and things to explore. I would be aware on how the frogs handle the wood. They're not very bright and might smack themselves on the head when swimming up for air. It shouldn't damage them - mine always bounced their head off the...
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    I've Found Heaven On Earth

    In the late 1980s there was a large breeding population of mollies in Warrington, just south of Manchester. There was a power station or something that vented its warm waste water into a river and kept the temp high all year round. A few angelfish were found, too. It's amazing how many...