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  1. Guppylover3x

    Shrimp missing

    I agree with the others. They will more than likely be in there hiding somewhere. Especially if you have a secure aquarium lid. Best of luck!
  2. Guppylover3x

    Ich emergency

    It appears the fish has white spot disease. I would recommend treating the fish.
  3. Guppylover3x

    Fish Compatibility

    I think @Byron could assist you further on this one. He’s very good with stocking. Good luck.
  4. Guppylover3x

    Ich emergency

    A picture would have been useful. Lumps could be anything. If you can’t see any visible problems on any other fish, I wouldn’t worry too much. Just keep a close eye out. Good luck! :fish:
  5. Guppylover3x

    What are these?

    I’m unsure what you are referring to. Any chance you could elaborate or provide a better picture? Good luck.
  6. Guppylover3x

    1 Month Transformation

    What a beautiful tank! Definitely consider entering the next tank of the month contest!
  7. Guppylover3x

    Snello question...

    I agree with Colin. I’ve never heard of a snello myself..
  8. Guppylover3x

    A new look, for the 2.5 gal.!

    It looks great! Well done! :fish:
  9. Guppylover3x

    Ich emergency

    I agree with @Naughts its a platy fry. And isn’t he cute! Make sure you have lots of live plants to give him the best chance of survival. Best of luck!
  10. Guppylover3x

    Multiple Colored Platy Fry from 1 Mom?

    I have to say all the fish look really healthy and happy to me. Personally I wouldn’t worry! Wait until the fish are older and more mature. The only thing that’s concerning are mum and dads clamped fins. This is why I asked for your parameters earlier. You need hard water for platies. They...
  11. Guppylover3x

    Zebra danio. Never seen anything like this.

    Thank you @Deanasue I truly believe you know better than me. Note to OP: Deanasue has lots more experience than me. I would definitely follow what she says. And I have to agree on the fact that the fish does look like it’s suffering. I only go against euthanasia because I’m quite soft as a...
  12. Guppylover3x

    Zebra danio. Never seen anything like this.

    I think most people would euthanise the fish once it can’t eat anymore. However, I am totally against this. I think fish should always pass away naturally. I would wait for @Colin_T to reply. @Deanasue has lots of information and experience with the use of melafix. She may also be able to...
  13. Guppylover3x

    Continuing Nitrate Problem

    Large water changes are the way forward. You can never go wrong with them!
  14. Guppylover3x

    Multiple Colored Platy Fry from 1 Mom?

    Hi and welcome to the forum :hi: Any chance of a picture of the fishes? Best of luck!
  15. Guppylover3x

    Zebra danio. Never seen anything like this.

    Hi and welcome to the forum :hi: It looks really sore. Poor fish! I’m not sure what it is to be honest. @Colin_T may know. A cyst maybe? Could you provide information on your parameters and the tank age? Best of luck!
  16. Guppylover3x

    Hi everyone

    Hi and welcome to the forum :hi: May I ask what the GH of your water supply is? This is important as guppies naturally occur in hard water. They require a PH of above 7 at the minimum. If you don’t have a water testing kit. This information can be found through your local water supplier...
  17. Guppylover3x

    Assassin Snail... bizarre situation. Help!

    Hi and welcome to the forum :hi: I’ve never heard for assassin snails killing fish. They hunt down other smaller snails. It may have been that the snail was eating the remains of the already dead fish? I’m not sure. I didn’t even think this was possible. I think @Colin_T should be able to...
  18. Guppylover3x

    A whole new tank

    :fish::hi::fish: Your tank sounds lovely!
  19. Guppylover3x

    Mollies with sunken bellies???

    Hi and welcome to the forum :hi: Clamped fins are usually a sign of poor water quality or disease. Could you please provide us with information on how long the tanks been set up, and your parameters? Best of luck.
  20. Guppylover3x

    WINNER! June 2019 Fishforums Fish of the Month

    What a great fish! Very unique indeed.