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    Pre-washing Sand

    I just recently pre-washed my sand and though of sharing the way I did it. All you need is a 5 gallon Bucket, which everyone has. Nylon Paint Strainer (Comes in a 5 gallon or 1 gallon) You can buy it at your local hardware store(In the paint dep) or local paint store. It cost about $1.50 US...
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    My Two Double Tails

    Well I was bored and took a couple pictures of my prized DT, yes I know they are mutts but I love them.
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    New Avatar Size

    Okay I didn't know this, but now Avatars are allowed to be 120x120, before it was 90x90. Yahoo, now I am huge. :P Is this just a fluke? Hope not. :lol:
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    My two bnoses

    Well here are my two bnoses. Named: Arch Enemy (Male) and Kittie (Female) after my two fav bands. Sadly, Arch Enemy passed away last night :-(
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    Here Chooklet :)
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    My Budgie

    Just had the picture saved on my computer and I was bored. This is one of my fav, I have 9. Her name is Juliet. :D **MOD'S can you move this to the pet section** thanx
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    Custom betta tank

    Heres that pic CC and MAM, Its from my phone cam so its crappy, but its something.
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    Two female DT

    Heres a quick shot CC. I found these two DT females @ the lfs together with arowans :blink:
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    29 gallon

    Hey Everyone, Just a couple of questions. I have a 29 gallon cycling @ the moment. I wanted to do some research before I go out and buy anything. I already know what I want to do for the top row and middle row. I want glass fishes (no painted kind what so ever, just natural) for the top and...
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    Betta Pictures

    Hey Betta Masters Need your help. What is this guys Plakat, Short Tail or something else? Pictures are crappy, I know. I will try to get more, but digi is out of juice right now.
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    My Car

    There was a picture here, but I took it down. MUAH HAHA I guess you will never see it lol.
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    My Betta

    Hey guys and gals, here is one of my newest bettas. Got him @ Petsmarts. I am not the best photographer, but here it goes.
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    Aqua Bid to Close

    I just read the news here it is Effective May 1, 2004, will be closed permanently. eBay has purchased and will take over the website. Sellers will be able to post on eBay (under Pets Category) for free for 1 month. Click here to read whole store...
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    Good news in California

    I didn't know this, but glofishes are banned in the state of California :nod: (that's one thing at least California is doing right lol.) I found this article while doing research. GM fish supplier tries again in California Yorktown Technologies, the distributor of the genetically modified...
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    My female jumped out

    I was searching the forum posting and stuff. Then I though to myself," Breakfest time for all my animals." Then the 1st thing I notice daddys little girl is nowhere in her tank. I start looking and looking maybe she is under the rocks nope, then I notice the lid on her tank is moved to the side...
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    My steelblue crowntail

    I posted pics in the photo section. Go check them out, tell me what ya think. click here
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    Pictures of my steelblue crowntail

    He is in the breeding tank. He has not made a bubblenest yet. :(
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    When a Betta catches ich, how long does it normally take for it to be gone? I know... I know... there are many factors taken into account(Lets say all the procedures have been done), but whats an average timeline? Thanx
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    My new white betta

    Whoo, I got him today from Wal-mart.
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    White Betta

    :D Guess what? I went to Wal-mart today and BANG I saw it (New shipment just arrived today). I found a white betta, it was prrrrrrrrrrrrrt. I wanted to take it home, but my parents don't want more fish :/ . So I keept thinking about it,"Take the betta and get yelled at, or don't take it...