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    Bettas And Platies

    Do you think a betta would be alright with a few platys kickin around his tank? I've got a 10 gallon with a betta, two cory cats (about an inch a piece) and two bamboo shrimp (cleanup crew). I've got 4 platies (all under two inches long) in a 10 gallon with my girlfriends fancy tail goldfish...
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    Cory With Whisker Rot

    I've had these two cories for about a year and a half or so. Everything is grand until a couple days ago i noticed one cories whiskers are starting to shorten and his fins are just barely starting to etch away. Last time this happened with a cory (3 times actually) they died within 2 weeks as...
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    Goldfish With Silver Dollar?

    I bought a 10 gallon tank that came with a silver dollar (hes about 5 inches long, 5 inches tall) to use to watch my girlfriends goldfish for her over the winter (they live in a pond in the backyard of her house, but its too shallow to keep them over the winter in it). They are 2 fantail...
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    Tank Remodel

    Well, i feel my tank is well stabilized (10 gallon heavy planted, betta, 4 albino cory cats) and i also believe it might be time for a planned tank remodel. Im thinking about switching to sand, and i have a few questions: Is there any way to change over to sand without having to completely...
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    First off, sorry to everyone, i haven't been posting or reading to tff as much as i should :\ life intervenes sometimes... Anyway, i've got a good question for you all: I have a 10 gallon FW pretty heavily planted tank (2 dwarf onions, lizard tail ivy, masses of javamoss (help its taking...
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    Fish Store Reccomendation

    I'd like to recommend "Fish Den" as a reputable fish store in the Denver metro area in Colorado, US. I went there today, and tried every test question i could on one of the guys working there, and he passed with flying colors :D All of their tanks are spotless, not a dead fish in the house, and...
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    Its... Everywhere!

    Duckweed. I got some for cover for my betta. Its. EVERYWHERE! Hands... shirt, feet, tools, fish, ornaments, filter, everywhere. Its evil... Must be. Can't physically be possible for it to stick to everything, but it does. I got it cleaned up now, so its not so bad. Sammy Davis seems to like it...
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    Air Powered Syphon?

    Try to follow me here... You know how an air powered filter works right? Would it be possible to have a really long flexible lift tube thats narrow around enough for the air bubbles entering at the bottom to lift water up and out of the tube into another container? It could save tonnes of money...
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    Cory Questions

    10g planted (java moss and fern) tank: My biggest of 4 cories has come down with something in the past few days. It's whiskers suddenly got alot shorter, and curly. Its left fin is eroded down the middle a bit, its dorsal fin the same. I also saw it act a little weird, it got up to swim a bit...
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    What's A Good Algae Eating Fish?

    I've got a bit of algae growing on the glass in my tank (and surely on everything else). Rather than cleaning it, i'm thinking i might add an algae eating fish or two to give them a good home :D It's a planted 10 gallon tank with 4 albino cories and a male betta.
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    My Cat Discovered My Tank.

    My cat has discovered my fishtank. All he has done so far is sit infront of it and watch sammy davis my betta. Sammy is watching the cat back... Has anyone ever had a cat eat their fish or tip the tank over? If my calculations are right, my tank weighs 80 pounds or somewhere around there... If...
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    Betta Acting... Predictably...

    All it seems Sammy Davis wants to do is cruise the glass on the right side of the tank. It doesnt look like hes flaring really (ive seen him flare before, his gills get huge and he gets all bothered), but he does 'push' his head into the glass at an angle and seemingly swim into the glass. I...
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    Cories Acting... Interestingly...

    I'm happy to report everything's going along swimmingly with my newly setup 10g planted tank. If anyone doesn't remember, it's got a betta and four cory cats in it. The betta likes to attack his reflection on the right side of the tank (anyone know of a way to stop this? i dont want him getting...
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    New Cories!

    I got 4 albino cories to go with my betta in my 10g tank: They haven't shown any interest in the little bit of algae wafer i put in front of them. They're probably still getting used to the tank, and are well fed already. Sammy Davis (the betta) hasn't bothered them at all, and aside from the...
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    My New Betta!

    I think i'll call him Sammy Davis... Not sure why, just always wanted to name a pet with a dead persons name :D He's currently in a ten gallon with 4 albino cory cats, and a veritable explosion of plant life.
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    Buying Flubenol?

    I can't seem to find flubenol 15 for sale anywhere other than online UK stores. I live in the us, and can't seem to find it for sale anywhere here. If i try to buy it online with my card, will they let me? Will it even go through? I dont know if i can charge things in pounds on my credit card o_O
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    Still Finally Done!

    Still looking on some consensus on the ammonia issues! My current stocking plan for my 10 gallon heavy planted tank: 1 Betta 4 Cory Cats (not sure what type, presumably the smallest) 5-6 shrimp (or shrimps? how do you say it, shrimp or shrimps? Sheep... Sheeps?) I'm glad you guys think my...
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    Finally Done!

    My 10g is finally done cycling. Zero ammonia. and zero nitrite in 12 hours after adding 5ppm worth of ammonia! So happy its finally done! Now taking bids on what i should stock it with. My idea is thus: 1 Betta (betta in something bigger than two gallons! Apalling!) 4 Cory cats (not sure which...
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    This Makes Me Cry.

    I dont have the space for this!!!!: 75 gallon COMPLETE setup for free. Including fish. Seriously. I'm weeping.
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    Eek! Snail!

    I just found a snail cruising around on the glass of my aquarium. What should i do? I'm inclined to keep it for now providing thousands of his buddies dont show up...