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  1. Midas

    Is My Fish Food A Bad Choice For Good Water Quality?

    I have been having trouble keeping the ammonia out of my tank.  I have ruled out just about everything except the food.  I have large South American Cichlids.  I feed them Tetra Cichlid Jumbo Sticks.  The fish love them but I am thinking maybe this is causing the poor water quality.  I also give...
  2. Midas

    Sand, Gravel Or Bare Bottom?

    I have had beach rock for my South American Cichlids and recently moved and changed up to a bare bottom.  I did so because I thought it would be easier to keep clean, which it is, but it feels boring and not so great looking.  So now I am thinking of getting sand.  Not sure how easy it will be...
  3. Midas

    Think I Got Myself Into Some Trouble

    Hello,   I moved 6 days ago and started my tank over fresh thinking I could cycle it quickly using some cycle stuff and a filter that needs the media changed.  I have South American cichlids in a 125 gallon tank with plenty of air, filtration and a bare bottom.  The fish went in on day two and...