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    Fish Recommendations For 36 Gallon and 28 Gallon Aquariums

    I was wondering what kind of fish would be best for a 36 gallon bow front and a 28 gallon Nano Cube. Both of these aquariums are in a nursing home and I am looking for medium-sized colorful fish that I can get from my local fish store. I was thinking about Cichlids for the 36 gallon aquarium...
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    New Lighting for 36 Gallon Bow Front

    Hi, I'm new to the form and have been searching for a new light for a 36 gallon bow front aquarium. I have a hood to the aquarium and would like to just buy a new florescent light if that is possible but, I can only find full hood replacements for 36 gallon bow front aquariums. Are full hood...