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  1. bubblej17

    Help I Need Advice 7 Fish Dead In A Matter Of A Week!

    hi all, ok heres my story, my friend had a tank he wanted rid of so i said i'd have it, its an aqua one 620, it came with 2x angel fish 1x large silver shark, 1x plec, 2x tetra, 1x mollie and 2x goldfish!!, so first off i filled the tank up put stress coat in aswell as tapsafe let the fish...
  2. bubblej17

    Black Molly, Can Anyone Tell From These Pics If She Maybe Pregnant

    hi all these are the best pics i could get, what do you think, do any of them have pregnant bellies or just about to drop bellies lol, :)
  3. bubblej17

    My Aqua One 620

    here is my tank how it used to look and this is after a well deserved make over
  4. bubblej17

    Black Molly, Not Sure If She Is Pregnant

    hi all, i bought 3 female black molly's 3 days ago to keep my one male company, and one female is a little more plump than the others but how can you tell when a pure black molly is ready to give birth if she is pregnant, she has a white ring near her anal fin that is more obvious than the other...
  5. bubblej17

    Lost 2 Cory's In 2 Days!

    hi all, i have a aqua one 620 tank and recently re-stocked it with 6 albino cory's, 4 molly's and 2 tetra's, within 24 hours of buying them a cory had died, so i took it back to my LFS along with a water sample from my tank of which everything came back fine and he replaced my fishy but 24 hours...
  6. bubblej17

    R.i.p Trigger (my Oscar) And His 9 Tank Mates!

    im totally gutted to have lost the most loving pet fish i've ever had, i never thought a fish could be that affectionate but my trigg was, he was only 2 years old comig up for three, but last week me and my partner took our little girl on her first camping trip for 4 days we fed all five fish...
  7. bubblej17

    Pregnant Cherry's

    how long do cherry shrimp carry their eggs for? i have 3 that are carrying eggs now, im so excited lol, what would i feed the babies on when they arrive? thanks in advance
  8. bubblej17

    Do They Go Ok Together?

    hi all hope you had a great christmas, i have about 10/12 cherry shrimps in a two foot tank would two sterbai corydoras be ok with them, i have to move them from my 4 foot tank and really dont want to get rid of them, they aren't like my albino ones who are always in a hurry to get nowhere thay...
  9. bubblej17

    Strange Question About My Syrian Hammie

    hi all ok this is gonna sound odd i think, but anyway i bought my syrian hammie about 4months ago now and called him harry about two days after we got him my other hammie got sick so spent most of my spare time nursing her unfortunatly she passed away only last week after a very long ending, so...
  10. bubblej17

    How Can You Tell......

    how do you sex cherry shrimps? my shrimps are getting bigger now and was just wandering if i would be able to tell their sex yet? thanks in advance
  11. bubblej17

    Cherry Shrimp Growth?

    hi i got some cherry shrimp delivered last week and when they were in their bag i found it very hard to count them as they were that small and not very red but in the past week i've found shells all over their tank and all of them are starting to get really big now is it normal for them to grow...
  12. bubblej17

    Java Moss I Think

    hi all, i ordered some cherry shrimp last week when they arrived they had a ball of something in their bag with them, im assuming its java moss so i've tied it into some slate and hoping it will grow, how long do i have to wait before i know it has worked? im just starting out with live plants...
  13. bubblej17

    What Type Of Light?

    hi i bought some lampeyes and some neons the other days and was just wandering what type of bulb would be best to show off their colours? or does it matter?
  14. bubblej17

    New Cherries, How Long....

    hi all i've been after cherry shrimp for a while now and after doing all my research and getting my tank up and running i finally ordered some off the net and they arrived safe and sound at lunch time they are so so tiny and are floating in their bag now, their water is quite cool after their...
  15. bubblej17

    Is It True?

    hi all, i was on here a few days ago and read a post that said black substrate can stress albino cory's is this true? i read this post after putting my corry's back into a spawning tank with freshly laid fine black gravel and plants and pebbles they have been in there for three or four days now...
  16. bubblej17

    Would Like To Know About Cherry Shrimp

    hi there, ive seen alot of cherry shrimps mentioned on this site and was wandering what sort of set up i would need and whats the min tank size if i was to get one, i have 3 tanks set up at the min one with brackish mollies, one with goldfish and one community, i dont want to put them in my...
  17. bubblej17

    Just Bought......

    hi all, i've just got back from my lfs and yet again spent a fortune lol, i got myself loads of plants and a huge bag of large pebbles, now my plan is to have my (back right hand corner of my tank) a layer of fine gravel first then my arangement of stacked pebbles and plant my plants whilst...
  18. bubblej17

    At What Age.....

    at what age do mollies become sexually active?
  19. bubblej17

    What Plants Will Go?

    what type of plants could i get for my mollie tank? as my mollies have a touch of salt in there tank and i know not many plants would survive, any help or advice would be greatful thanks
  20. bubblej17

    Eggs Again

    my albino cory layed eggs yesterday (a different one from last time) so again could be a failiure although i hope not, but what are the chances of the other one been male!! so they may never be fertilized until my others get older i have nine altogether surely one has to be a male lol, how do...