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  1. pho20

    What is this???

    Hello all. I went to do a water change and a tank clean today and noticed that my Parrot fish has a black lip I have him in a 65 gallon tank with a few convict cichlids. he is eating ok and it doesn't seem to be bothering him he is looking a little pail though is this something I should be...
  2. pho20

    pimples ???

    I know it look like a pimple that you just want to pop. it happens about oh every few weeks he will have one for about a week or so then nothing for a few weeks and then boom there's another one and like I said it doesn't seem to bother him in anyway it just looks weird. I don't think it's in...
  3. pho20

    pimples ???

    Hello I have a pink gourami and every now and then it gets these bumps on its head most of the time they are white and they look like a pimple but this time it has one with a dark center now they don't seem to bother him in anyway and they only last about a week or so and then there gone. And he...