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    Wanted Driftwood And Plants

    Hey Tinytonez, Nice choice going w/ driftwood for your tank. Driftwood looks so nice in tanks, including with white sand, :hey: but hey, that is just my taste. Anyways, Let me give you some advice. Whatever you do before you stick a piece of driftwood in your tank, is to clean it. The above...
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    Sand Tank Question

    Just a suggestion, but did you wash out the sand really good before dumping it into the tank? I only ask because, if you didn't with all the movement going on. All the junk and dust is moving around now.
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    What's Wrong With Old Tanks?

    There really shouldn't be a problem with an old tank. As Tolak point out, just make sure the silicone is still in good condition. If not, just go to any lfs and buy some silicone sealer. If the tank has hard water marks, just fill it up with water and scrape it off with a razor blade.
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    My Pellet Gun

    Hey Space Monkey, Don't go pointing it at yourself now. :lol:
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    Hey Angie, It has been a while ;) . Your new addition to your family is cute. Now get ready for double the trouble, haha.
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    African Glass Catfish

    Hey Andy, Well, I used to own a couple of african glass catfish, awesome fish. I think the reason they are just hanging on towards the bottom is because of the the low watter level. I remember the GC swimming patterns pretty well. They like to swim in the middle and the top of the tank. They...
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    Glass fish

    I keep both Glass Fish (Chanda ranga) and Glass Catfish (Kryptopterus bicirrhis) both species where really picky at first. Now both species will eat out of my fingers. I feed them blood worms once in a while. They get a consistent diet of flakes, daphnia, and tubifex worms cubes, which I brake...
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    Pre-washing Sand

    I tried the pillow case way :S . It's hard to pour the sand into the pillow case without someone else holding the pillow case open. Not to mention it is messy, you lose a lot of good sand, that stays stuck onto the pillow case. It's a pain to get the sand that is stuck inside the pillow case...
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    Pre-washing Sand

    I just recently pre-washed my sand and though of sharing the way I did it. All you need is a 5 gallon Bucket, which everyone has. Nylon Paint Strainer (Comes in a 5 gallon or 1 gallon) You can buy it at your local hardware store(In the paint dep) or local paint store. It cost about $1.50 US...
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    Some of my tanks

    :cool: Tanks are looking good Jen. I really like the 8 gallon setup, Sweet!!!
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    Cat and Dog Pics

    :o A JRT sleeping??? I never knew it was possible for them to sleep. J.K. Hey Angie, Mac is looking good, cute dog.
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    MAM congratulations

    Yahoo! MAM :hyper: Congrats... :-
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    Just getting back from the ALA Convention

    :o You lucky ducky. Sounds like you had a kick butt time. See I told you to go. Man I wish I was you right now. Sounds like you had some great finds. I wanna see some pictures of the endlers. :whistle:
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    Xbox live

    :S Hey man don't besmirch my EVIL name.... :angry:
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    Xbox live

    :no: :lol: Oh space...
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    2005 ALA Convention in Indianapolis

    Man, I wish I was going. From what I read around other sites, is that it's going to be wicked. I would go just to get some Endlers, but it's way to far for me to make the trip. If you do go make sure you let us know how it was, also make sure you take some pictures. Good Luck :thumbs:
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    :-( Sorry to hear about your lost Angie, its always hard to lose a loved fish. :rip: Akhtar
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    Betta drawings

    :hyper: They're awesome drawings, the 3rd one is sweet... I want I want.... :drool: Keep up the good work... :clap:
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    My New Car

    :lol: I think i'll get me a new care... :P
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    My New Car

    Oh nice car, very nice... :D One thing though Angie, I will be waiting for my umm umm... :whistle: