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    Beautiful Plant Collection For Sale

    Ok no worries you should have them early next week, I dont want to post them today in case they're sat in a box all weekend and you end up with some dead ones, hope thats ok.
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    Beautiful Plant Collection For Sale

    ok well if you pay via paypal to and add a note with the payment with your address i'll get them posted to you.
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    Wanted: Shrimps And Plants Manchester

    I have a full set of plants in the for sale section and a nice group of cherries for sale in livestock too.
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    Beautiful Plant Collection For Sale

    Forgot to mention you will also get 3 large clumps of Dwarf Hairgrass too.
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    Beautiful Plant Collection For Sale

    Huge plant collection for sale, equivalent of 6 pots of Crypt Costata, 3 pots of Hygrophila Compact, 25+ very long stems of Rotala Indica, 20+ very long stems of Heteranthera Zosterifolia (Star Grass), 10 stems of tall Hygrophila, few stems of Limnophila Aromatica, Riccia on mesh pad apprx 8...
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    20+ Red Cherry Shrimp £20 Posted

    As the title says, all different ages and breeding. Please post here not by pm as I use my PS3's net and cant read pm's.
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    Cherry Shrimp

    they will be in a few months i had a co2 leak in the tank and it caused few deaths so i'm re producing stock at the moment
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    Yeast Co2 Question

    I was wondering today whether it would be a good idea to disolve the sugar in the water then add yeast to speed things along when changing bottle mixes?????
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    Armored Shrimp (I Think)

    Shame you wont post I love these shrimp
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    Gran Turismo 5 Ps3

    Just wondered if anyone is playing this at the moment? I'm stuck on it.
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    Can You Draw?

    lol thanks guys.
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    Can You Draw?

    Here's the pic I spent a few days doing, last thing I drew back in 2000
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    Cherry Shrimp

    I wouldn't, the Discus will defo eat them.
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    Slight Problem

    Lol no worries.
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    Slight Problem

    Yeah but the thing that really makes me angry is that we ordered some kids presents the day before yesterday and they had express delivery too and they arrived yesterday just fine but the Green Machine are taking a weewee break!!!
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    Slight Problem

    I ordered 500ml of TPN+ two days ago from Green Machine on express delivery. Mine ran out on that day but my new batch hasn't turned up yet. So I was wondering what I should do, my CO2 ran out this morning so should I wait till my TPN+ turns up before I refill the CO2 and make my photo period...
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    Happy Christmas Planted People.

    Funny you say that as I put marzipan in my parents fish tank one Christmas years ago thinking the fish might like some....................they died lol, I was young tho.
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    Pic Off Comp!

    Right, seeing as a few people will be entering this I think it would be a good idea to set out the ground rules for everyone who wants to enter. I say this because I'm just building the lighting for mine and hoping after doing the scape I will have met the requirements without me having to do it...
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    Neon Tetra's Fighting?

    I have this in my planted tank, I wondered if they were trying to breed as a few of mine randomly do it.