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    Shrimp tank

    The best you can do is to have a lot of hiding places (dense plants work well) so the shrimp can breed and grow to full size without being bothered by fish. Also stock the tank with small fish. The smaller the mouth of the fish the less likely it would bother a large breeding shrimp. And fish...
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    Jordanella Floridae American Flagfish for algae??

    In general when all nutrients are present at sufficient levels for plant plants do well and algae does not. When nutrients are scars or missing algae does well and plant either grow slowly, don't grow at all, or die. plants need the following t grow well (excluding light) CO2, hydrogen...
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    DIY cement 3D background curing advice

    I would take it out of the tank and let it air cure. Cement is basically calcium oxide. When mixed with water it reacts with CO2 in the air and water and is converted to Calcium carbonate. If it is in the tank it has basically removed all the CO2 it can from the water and enough isn't getting...
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    What's wrong with my plants!

    Gh is a measure of the calcium and magnesium in the water. Since these minerals can be in the form of sulfate/ chlorides, carbonates and others. Since the test doesn't know what form the calcium (Ca) or magnesium (Mg) is in the reading is traditionally listed as Calcium carbonate even though...
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    What's wrong with my plants!

    The hooked shape of your submerged plants is a common symptom of calcium deficiency. What is the GH of Your water? Most fertilizers do not have calcium which is an essential nutrient for plants and it is 6th most abundant element in plant tissue. You might need to boost your GH with sulfate GH...
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    Soft, alkaline water source

    Tanks will run fine with KH of one so I wouldn't worry about it. The PH is a different mater. The only way to reduce this is to either: 1. Mix in RO or distilled water in with your tap. 2. Or using a DI water filter to reduce the hardness even further until the pH is near neutral. Water...
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    Blackout For Removing Hair Algae?

    In my opinion CO2 levels have nothing to do with hair algae. I have seen people on the forums that spend weeks adjusting CO2 flow, water circulation, and water surface agitation and make zero progress in controlling. it. The only thing that worked for me was making sure I had all the elements...
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    Hair algae?

    That is probably your problem. Hair algae thrives in water with extremely low levels on nutrients. If you have all the nutrients plants need (there are 14) at a sufficient concentration for growth the plants will grow but algae will have a hard time and can die out. Most tap water is...
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    Need A Chiller For A 10g Freshwater Aquarium!

    Small cooler for small tanks do exist. For example this one: It uses a small device called a Peltier array to...
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    Anodized Aluminum In Water? Heat Sink?

    it will not hold up. When plants grow the PH can drop (most common) or increase. A ph drop occurs when plant growth releases chlorine and sulfides in the water which turns into a acid. CO2 injection systems used on some aquariums will also create carbonic acid. In my experience with anodized...
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    Whole House Water Softener

    When people refer to water softener they are mostly referring to a device that uses a resin bed and salt to soften water. This is the most common water softener used but there are other types. Actually water softeners don't add sodium chloride to the drinking water. They do however release...
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    Ph problem

    I agree with this and use this methode. Mainly we are talking about using calcium Ca) carbonate and magnesium (Mg) carbonate. Both are very similar. They are normally found as rocks (limestone, dolomite; aragonite) or as sea shells or coral. Ca/Mg carbonates do not dissolve in water with a...
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    Planted tank ferts questions!

    Keep in mind co op easy green doesn't have calcium, chlorine or copper. However with your hard water it might work.
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    Planted tank ferts questions!

    I had a tank that was using flourish. After working through a long list of macro deficiencies it started to do well and then started a slow crash . I couldn't get any plants to grow algae took over the tank. All macros were present in sufficient quantities. The problem was that I was using...
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    remineralizing distilled water or keeping what I have to suit shrimp

    Matching the GH value to the needs of the fish is important for fish health. Same for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and PH. If you get these values wrong the fish may get sick and die. KH only stabilized the PH and it doesn't take a lot to do that. It has very little direct effect on the...
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    shrimp shrimp shrimp

    My experience is that SeaChem flourish is safe for shrimp and my own studies indicate that the shrimp should be able to safely tolerate levels about 5 times higher. Note I have not tested that. The problem with Aquarium raised shrimp including the ones you purchased is that the breeders...
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    If they are fully grown Amano shrimp will be big enough to discourage most small fish. Since Amanos are typically captured in the wild they are generally fully grown or close to that size when you get them. However many others varieties that are breed in aquarium only the juvinals are shipped...
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    Carbon filter are good at absorbing organics and some chemical. It will have no effect on water hardness. Carbon filters don't remove calcium magnesium or salts in the water. Hard water typically has a lot of calcium and or magnesium in the water. The General hardness test tells you this...
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    What some people call very hard water may be moderate at best. It would be better if you supply the General Hardness (GH) number in degrees or parts per million. If the water is too hard shrimp might not be able to molt. Also how did you filter the water, is it revers osmosis water or if not...
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    cheapest way to plant a large tank?

    One way to start is to get plants that spread through runners in the substrate such as Dwarf hair grass or Staurogyne Reopens. These would spread without any action on your part other than weekly aquarium maintenance. Then gradually you you could add larger plants.