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    Trimming Plants

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    Advice On Dirt

    Tom's excellent work is on here Bucket of mud 2 words-Gravel tidy
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    Looking For An External Filter, Recommendations ?

    Planted tank ? I have the EX600 (excellent filter) on my 60L and the flow is only just good enough. If you're looking for value for money then something like an APS might be better.Get the biggest you can afford, the flow drop off is quite large. Tetratec & Eheim are excellent filters but cost...
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    Going For An All Crypt Tank

    CO2 on a crypt only tank? Bit of waste IMO Nutrious substrate & don't blast it with excessive lighting My C.Balansae is 50cm+ after a couple of months, in a low tec. Mid ground C.Tropica & C.Undulata for contasting leaf shapes. Front C.Parva, or Amoricum, or Willisii A lot of Crypts seem to do...
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    Best External Filter

    2 for starters JBL E700 & Tetratec EX600 or EX700 other brands are available I have the EX600 on my 60L.It's great. edit:if you've got the money for it, consider an inline heater.Best kit i've bought all year
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    Furry Black Stuff!

    Try searching for topics in the algae section 'Bottle Brush Algae' plus this algae guide Also, if you're using liquid carbon, you really need a fert with N & P. Ferropol doesn't & neither does Easy Life Profito?
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    Algae Help

    If you'd have said shrimp, i'd have been right there with you.Not sure how many SAE's i'd get in my 2' tank To the OP.I know this sounds like a dumb question, but humour me.How many live plants are in there ?
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    Algae Help

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    Yeah, because the original pagan festivals all had plastic neon witches & other associated cheap rubbish and filled kids full of pick & mix Happy Halloween greeting's card anyone?
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    Can I Add A Pleco And Will It Help Me Algae Problem ?

    Do you know what algae you have ? Algae guide When you say co2, what are we talking about? Are you dosing additional ferts to go with the co2? TBH if you're using pressurised & decent ferts i'd expect virtually no algae. edit:do you do weekly water changes, and what was the lighting period...
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    Not Quite The Netherlands

    Sounds good, going to try 1-2 out next time, but want to leave this scape in till spring, see what kind of growth i can get, long term. I'm new to Apisto's, but quick teaser pics of the Male Borellii.
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    Not Quite The Netherlands

    Some things have stalled a bit, others have grown a bit.This is the problem when not using pressurised, patience is needed. Need to swap out the H.Corymbosa (probably for H.Difformis) & the Lud.Glandulosa.Maybe for Lud.Repens or something simple edit:oh yeah, have a M/F pair of A.Borelli in the...
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    Dust Algae On Ornaments

    just to confirm is this the algae My link
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    Dust Algae On Ornaments

    This would be my guess
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    Kkaannee's Juwel Rio 300 - Upgrade

    Looking very nice, pity you're giving it up for awhile. Particularly like the way the crypts fit in & around the rocks. Your Vallis worked out a treat in the end Later Stu
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    Breeding Apistos?

    can depend on the fish. When Ian's Cacs, lost their wriigglers in the community tank they went on the rampage
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    Good Plant Food Reccomendations

    TNC. use the complete if dosing carbon. they also sell their own iquid carbon, but i've never used it
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    Hygrophila Polysperma

    Just looked at pics in thread on 'Tropical Disc', probably should have done this earlier If it's the plant i think it is, that's Hygrophila Corymbosa. Coincidentally, i've been having exactly the same problem as you.Holes in old leaves, not in the new. Long story short, don't know if this...
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    Hygrophila Polysperma

    What were you dosing before? You have enough light, now more ferts than before? So what's the limiting factor, CO2??, and is it showing this up with through the holes in the leaves?