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  1. Jackee

    Suggestions for new fish to get :)

    Hi Everyone! I am upgrading to a 75 gallon tank very soon. I would like to get some cool, colorful, beautiful fish to add and I'm looking for suggestions of really cool (but not over expensive) fish that I can add with the fish I currently have. I really wanted a peacock African cichlid (b/c...
  2. Jackee

    Anyone ever squeeze babies from their mama fish??

    So....I know some people have done this but the thought of doing this myself makes me very uncomfortable, as I do not want to cause any pain or discomfort, injury, or God forbid death to the fish. I have a molly who has been pregnant for a very long time, about two weeks ago she began giving...
  3. Jackee

    Male platy with red around gills/big belly

    Hi everyone, Could someone tell me if my poor little platy might have internal parasites or what you think could be wrong with him? I have had him a few weeks and thought it was strange he would have such a round belly advantage a his gills are red. I also purchased 2 females at that...
  4. Jackee

    2 pregnant mollies

    Hi everyone! In your own experience, what is the longest your mollies were pregnant before they actually gave birth? Second, have your mollies more often given birth during the day, at night, or about 50/50. Please, I am not looking for generic, rule-of-thumb info. I’ve read all of that, lots of...