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    Pico Picture

    I'm with Ski on this one Lynden. Malu grow large, FAST and will certainly eat any fish they can catch. Not something I'd want to put in a small tank (below 75gallons I'd consider small of one personally)
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    New Fish

    Yes she's eating as far as I can tell. SHe's nice and plump and is coming up the glass at feeding time.
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    Coral Identification Please

    If a feather duster had shed it's crown then it would be replaced with a new, smaller one within a couple of weeks. Once it has shed 2 or maybe 3 times it dies. If it is a feather duster which has shed it's crown then expect a new one to start showing pretty quick. If you don't see a new crown...
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    Coral Identification Please

    Looks like an encrusting monti. The tube worm you circled is a normal large-ish feather duster. The second pic looks like a Palythoa of some sort. Possibly the dreaded Aiptasia so keep an eye on it. As for the greeny one you suggest is a mushroom... if you think it's a mushroom it probably is...
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    New Fish

    Hi there. I bought a Flounder yesterday. I'#m just wondering if anyone else keeps one?
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    Marine Chat Room

    Nice to see you're still trying to get new people to pester Mr Sept :fun:
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    Rogues Gallery

    Oh yes I am a poser
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    My New 8gal Nano

    Hiya Adam Nice fishes hun and that clam looks gorgeous...I hope you'll be passing it my way when it gets too big for your tank... :drool: Where on earth are you fitting all these new things??? Your tank is packed full already :lol: How about a new FTS so we can see where you've put...
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    Can Someone Help Id These Coals?

    Yeah little asterinas are nothing to worry about. Oh and good call on the Caulastrea Ski, to my half asleep eyes last night it looked like Cyanarina but looking again this evening..... smartypants :fun:
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    Aqua One Aqua Start 620

    Interpet are great, so are Arcadia. You may find Arcadia bulbs easier to get hold of although it tends to be more expensive. Personally I'd go for 2x T5. They are nice short double bulbs and you should be able to fit them end to end in the hood. Definately get reflectors with them though as...
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    What Type Of Plate Coral Is This

    That's a good price. I paid £40 for my pink tipped Helio which is about 20cm diameter. :good:
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    Can Someone Help Id These Coals?

    second pic looks like Cyanarina - owls eye - needs good lighting and moderate current. Try target feeding with some mysis or small chopped prawn etc. third pic is a branching typre Euphyllia, looks like a frogspawn. Again good lighting and moderate current. Doesn't require target feeding but...
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    Aqua One Aqua Start 620

    Unplug everything. Lift the lid off and set it on the table. Get a screwdriver and take off the light cover then remove the lights and all the electrics. Go to your local pet shop and get a starter and compact T5 flourescent bulb. The starter should have all the fixings you need and the bulb...
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    What Type Of Plate Coral Is This

    Not a hugely rare coral but not your everyday one either here in the UK. It tends to be a bit more difficult to find a good long tentacle plate with good colouration. That green with white tips looks nice though. There seems to be a problem getting good quality LPS and SPS corals in the UK at...
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    Odd Clown Host

    Well my clown is trying to make me into a liar. No sooner than I say she doesn't like corals.... She is now trying to host my new Heliofungia :blink: She also tryed to host on my baby dwarf lionfish :crazy: Silly girl :lol:
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    My Pico Idea

    The lighting will provide you with way more heat than you will need in the day. At night will be the problem. Also fluctuations in the temp happen very quickly and very often. When I was running my 1.5 litre pico I found that room temp was fine during the night. If it's too cold where you are...
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    Easy Way To Get Rid Of Aiptasia

    I did something similar when I had Majano in my tank. Works a treat for the little ones. For a bigger nem you are better with a big syringe which you suck the guts out with first then suck off the jelly like body after. Very satisfying :P
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    Green Algea

    No it looks OK to me. Your Ca is a bit on the high side, do you dose the tank?? It's not a major problem though. Just be aware that the algea will make your readings look good as it will use any excess nutrients in your water pretty quickly. Water change to get the nitrate down and carry on as...
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    Oscar Looking For A New Home

    Hmm....I have the tank and I'd love him but Mr Grumpy bum says no :no: :(
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    Reef Help Needed

    Firstly I am real sorry you lost your Chromis. It sounds like it may have had some sort of internal parasire or bacterial infection. Keep a very close eye on your other fish. Do you have any other chromis?? I'm hoping that with this being a 12g tank you don't. If not then it's possible that...