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    ok so the same thing im already doing with my other tank but glu them
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    yes over all flow
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    anybody know how to slow down the penguin 350 some??????
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    my duckweed
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    BIG problem with Ammonia

    I always try chemical free approach first and I keep ilve plants from day one its amazing what a cpl of marimo balls can do and some duckweed. and they basically care for them self and can live in low light conditions
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    TFF Is The Best

    I couldn't agree more. ive gotten so much info from this site over the past.....10 years??? even though ive only had tanks for the first year and these last 3 months. ive done a lot of reading, I personally enjoy learning about stuff I like. stopped talking to the lfs ppl long time ago. TTF...
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    Double pass reverse osmosis.

    I have a question here. could I use a airstone or bubble bar in a bucket of tap water for 3 days to make a type of ro?
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    BIG problem with Ammonia

    I like using live plants. situation like this like colin said possible filter crash. would adding bacter AE help?
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    Tiny Little Creatures in my Tank

    I thought those you just listed where infusoria and ther fry love that stuff???
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    definitely reduce your light, black your tank out for 48 hrs, and a massive water change(75%) and the next 2 after that I would do 50% changes. and plants god yes live plants are they way to grow
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    I use the plastic bottle to reduce filter noise. except I did it to control fish food being sucked away and my duckweed from being battered to death. I used two bottles{1 cheap flimsy water btl& 1 just barely bigger} cut the tops off and placed them inside the other so where the closed bottoms...