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  1. PRW1988

    Need Some Advice

    Hey, so it's been quiet sometime since I've really been into the hobby. I've kept my tanks and kept them going however over the last 2 years I've made more of a movie towards reptiles that weren't so demanding. I've now decided to get back into the hobby full swing, seeing as I have the...
  2. PRW1988

    Algea Control

    Alright so I have a pond around 4000-4500 gallons. It holds during the summer months 9 koi and about 20 goldfish, the filtration is adaquet and the maintenance is weekly(water change and filter cleaning/rinising). The problem I seem too be having, and it's continuous every season, is the algea...
  3. PRW1988

    Red Devil With...

    So I was wondering if my 8" Red Devil Cichlid could survive with 3 5" turtles. I'm just concerned that Red Devil may try to eat the turtles, or vise-versa. Votes and advice please :)
  4. PRW1988

    Turtle Taming?

    So I've had 3 Yellow bellied turtles for about 1 year and a half now, they're all pretty good sizes, 1 F, 2 M I believe. The female's about 5", and both males look around 4" (sizes are by eye, I measured on paper earlier, just waiting for the papers to dry lol). ANYWAYS...... I was wondering...
  5. PRW1988

    Acf And Convicts?

    Well, I have had a tank with 2 African Clawed Frogs and 3 Yellow bellied turtles for about a year and a half now, I knew the risks of the frogs getting eaten or dying of water quality issues and lord and behold... 1 of my frogs died today :( The filter tube had become knocked lose some how and...
  6. PRW1988


    Do most, or all species of Polypterus get along? For instance if I wanted to keep a tank of just Polypterus what could I have? I have a Senegal Bichir and an Ornate Bichir in different tanks. But I'd like to do a tank of oddball fish at my dad's office. Which is where the Polypterus would go...
  7. PRW1988

    55 Gallon New Stock

    Hey all, I was thinking about redoing my 55 gallon as either a tetra tank or a livebearers tank. Specifically i want mollies but I dont know how many could go in the 55 and what tank mates I could have. any help would be great
  8. PRW1988

    55 Gallon New Stock

    Well after many years of having cichlids in my 55 gallon I've decided to go back to community tanks. I'm currently thinking of stocking the tanks with various species of tetras, cory catfish and a BN pleco (or 2). I was wondering if the following tetras will have any issues: 36 neon tetras 12...
  9. PRW1988

    Adivce Please

    So last year my family moved to a beautiful new place, brand new. So I managed to convice my dad (which wasnt hard) to get a pond. The pond is 12' long X 10' wide X 6' deep. We had about a dozen small (5") Koi last year and unfortunatly the winter killed them. Now this year we've bought 6 larger...
  10. PRW1988

    Sponge Decorator Crab.

    So I've found some info on these guys online and was... in all honesty just curious if anybody on here has had some experience with them, and if so, what can you tell me about these adorable little guys??? P.s: Yes... I think the crab is adorable... :fun: :lol: :fun:
  11. PRW1988

    Sponge Coral Care?

    I was wondering if anybody could give me some information on sponge corals. I bought one today (on impulse :blush: ) and figured I could find more information at home than what the guy at the store told me. He said that all I need to know is 3 things, 1) don't let the coral touch oxygen or it...
  12. PRW1988

    P.poleni And Bala Sharks.

    I have a rather large P.Poleni (about 7"), and i have a tank with some balas in it, the tank is 75 gallons with 6 sharks (between the sizes of 4-8"). Would the Poleni be alright in that tank with the balas or should I just keep him in my 20 gallon for now?
  13. PRW1988

    Cichlids Breeding...

    So I have a 72gallon which houses an Oscar, a Gold Severum and a couple other (smaller) cichlids. The Oscar and the Severum have begun to pair up and clear part of the tank which looks to me as though they intend to breed. Is it possible that my Oscar and Severum can/will breed?
  14. PRW1988

    Fwlro Tank

    Well the question is simple. I have a 29 gallon FWLRO tank with 2 damsels, a clown fish and a organge spotted goby. 100 gallon protien skimmer and a 110 HOB filter with about 45-50lbs of live rock in the tank. Now I have no lid on it currently because I havent had the money for a lid, but I...
  15. PRW1988

    Cleaning A Bucket

    Well, I've got a bucket from my work that I want to use for my aquariums. It used to hold Canola Oil however. I was wondering if just a good soak in hot water and a scrub after, followed by a rinse would be enough to make it safe to use. If not can anybody recommend a way to clean the bucket as...
  16. PRW1988

    Need Some Ideas.

    So my girlfriend has a 55 gallon with 4 red bellied piranahs, she's getting rid of them now as they are getting to big. She doesn't really know what to keep though so I was wondering if you guys have any ideas on new stock? She wants community fish and doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg...
  17. PRW1988

    Cherry Shrimp Tank...

    Well I'm getting my 5 gallon aquarium back from my gf, she's decided her 55's enough for her (not for me XD). So I'm thinking about doing a Cherry Shrimp tank. Is 5 gallons too small for them? Also, is there any species of fish I could put in with them. Even a betta fish, though I'd rather not...
  18. PRW1988

    To Build A Tank, Or Not To Build A Tank?

    We'll the story is that my friend and I decided that we want to build a tank this summer. Only thing is that we're both a little low on funds. So we we're thinking what if we used grey bricks and concrete for the back and sides? Would that work to create the tank and be leak proof? Or would...
  19. PRW1988

    Info Pls

    Well I posted a while ago asking for an id on my coral. My friend has told me it could be a zoo polyp but I'm not sure. What do you guys think? And if it is a zoo polyp can you give me some info please?
  20. PRW1988

    Haven't Posted My Tanks In A While

    Well, the title say's it all, it's been a while since I posted my tanks and I'ev had quiet a few rescapes. So here they are! First up my Leopard Gecko Next my 20gallon long reef My 55 gallon, currently housing a pair of convict cichlids and a 5" Jardini. My corn snake My...