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  1. luca1980

    Cannot upload photos

    Hi guys, I have tried on several occasions to post photos on this forum and I have never been able to. Most recently I have tried to enter the Tank of the Month competition and keep getting this msg once I try to upload a photo - Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page and...
  2. luca1980

    Question for axolotl/newt keepers

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with axolotls who refuse to eat? I have 5 axies and one of them (Dennis) has not eaten for about 3 weeks now and I am getting worried. He and his friends are fed frozen bloodworm cubes, frozen axolotl cubes, freeze dried black worm cubes and...
  3. luca1980

    Attention all Aussie forum members :)

    Hello fellow Aussie fishlovers, I was wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for buying fish online? I have one site that I have used several times but have had a few disappointments with them lately (dead/sick fish, dodgy plants etc) - just after any suggestions or ideas :) thanks guys!
  4. luca1980

    Posting Photos

    Is there an easy, idiot-proof way of resizing photos? I have lots I would like to post in my new axie journal but all of the photos I have get rejected as they are too big.
  5. luca1980

    The Axies Are Coming!

    Hi guys, I have been quitely lurking here in the background for awhile now!   Tomorrow I am picking up my new 4 foot tank and cabinet. My plans are to create a good home for some axolotls I love axies and find them very interesting but this will be my first time keeping them. I have done a...
  6. luca1980

    Rainbow Shark Colour Change

    Hi everyone, I have a very healthy rainbow shark in one of my tanks, where he is the only shark. He is very active and displays normal behaviour. There are plenty of places for him to hide amongst driftwood, rocks and caves as well as lots of plants.   My water parameters are all good and I do a...
  7. luca1980

    My 5 Foot Lake Malawi Tank

    this is my African cichlid tank - sorry about the quality of the photo!
  8. luca1980

    My 4 Foot Community Tank

    This is home to swordtails, platys, a bristlenose, rainbow shark, zebra danios, white clouds, SAE, harlequin razboras and a lot of tetras - neons, pristellas, red phantoms and glowlights. Sorry if the photo doesn't work well, this is my first upload :)
  9. luca1980

    Apple/mystery Snails Vs Clown Loach

    Hi everyone,   Do clown loaches (currently about 4cm, yes I know how big they get!) eat only little snails or would they make a snack out of 2cm mystery snails?   Thanks in advance :)
  10. luca1980

    Aternative For Vallisneria?

    Hi guys and merry Christmas!   Does anyone have any suggestions for an alternative to vallisneria - but something that looks similar?   I am looking for something tall and thin to plant out gaps along the rear of my tank and a few places on the sides - I like the look of vall and it always goes...