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  1. idlefingers

    Just Noticed My Coral Beauty Has Whitespot

    As the title says, I just noticed my coral beauty I bought a couple of weeks ago now has whitespot. :-( I don't have a quarantine tank and even if I did, I doubt I could catch it because I have quite a lot of LR in there. Is there any reef-safe treatments or anything I can do to improve my...
  2. idlefingers

    Anybody Using Leopard Yet?

    As the title says; anyone using Leopard on their mac yet? We got it at work on Monday and I got my copy for my macbook today and am loving it! Just wanted to see what other people think about it if anyone around here has upgraded yet?
  3. idlefingers

    How Corals "see" Moonlight

    I've often wondered how corals know the exact night when it's full moon and all start their mass-spawning and so found this article quite interesting (and so thought others might, too!)... Quoted from New Scientist 27th October 2007 pg 21:
  4. idlefingers

    Adjusting Lights After The Time-change Last Night

    I was wondering what everyone else does to adjust the light schedule to compensate for the time change last night; do you just change the time on your timers to the correct time (thus gaining an hour) and be done with it, or slowly adjust the schedule over a few days?
  5. idlefingers

    Zooanthid Macro

    I thought I'd try out using a magnifying glass in front of my camera to create a poor-mans-macro! I think it turned out okay considering the fact that every time my hand holding the magnifying glass wobbled, it fell out of focus (and auto-focus was out of the question)
  6. idlefingers

    Id Help Please!

    I bought this coral yesterday. In the shop it was labeled as H. actiniformis but I'm not sure.. All pics I've found of H. actiniformis have the plate coral look to them with all the polyps coming from a flat disc whereas what I've got skeleton is much more rounded with polyps coming from all...
  7. idlefingers

    Hydor Koralia 3 Just Broke

    I was just giving one of my powerheads a clean and when screwing the shield thing which covers the propeller in, the white plastic pipe which goes through the propeller snapped. At first I thought it was a complete gonner but I managed to make it jam the white pipe in the right position when...
  8. idlefingers

    Mushroom Leather Leaning Over

    My mushroom leather has started leaning over to the side slightly.. It's been in this spot in the tank for a couple of weeks (not tilting over) so will be a little attached but I don't know if I should try to straighten it a little by wedging a small rock to it's side to stop it leaning or just...
  9. idlefingers

    Using Superglue For Attaching Frags

    I bought a small rock with zooanthids on yesterday and have found a good position for it in my tank.. Only problem is my big hermit isn't so happy with the position and is constantly knocking it off. So I think I'm going to have to glue it down but before I do so, I want to make sure that what...
  10. idlefingers

    Do You Turn Your Powerheads Off When Feeding Your Fish?

    I've been turning my powerheads off every time I feed my fish but recently have have been leaving them on every now and again to try it out.. I like the way the food gets dispersed around the tank better but worry about it polluting the tank more or overfeeding and not realising. Also, the less...
  11. idlefingers

    Cleaner Shrimp Eating Hermit Exoskeleton

    I've yet to see any of my inverts actually molting, but I've seen quite a few exoskeletons laying about the tank before they get eaten and I've not actually seen that happen either until now. Luckily I had my camera next to me because he was done with the bits it wanted to eat (quite a lot of...
  12. idlefingers

    63g Stocking

    I've currently got 1 black and white percula clown and 1 midas blenny in my 63g [reef] tank. I'm having difficulties trying to come up with a stocking plan and would like some opinions and suggestions for new additions. I had a little shortlist of fish I like the look of and wanted to research...
  13. idlefingers

    Need Advice With Calcium And Magnesium Suppliments

    I got calcium and magnesium test kits the other day and was surprised to find my calc and mg levels a little on the low side. Here's all the results: SG 1.024 PH 8.4 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Phosphate 0 - 0.25 Alk 9.6dKH Ca 370ppm Mg 1050ppm I was thinking of getting some Seachem...
  14. idlefingers

    Wiring Electrical Plug Sockets

    I've seen in many people's photos, from both fresh and saltwater setups, multiple plug sockets which have been wired up and mounted to the cabinet. Do these kind of things need to be wired into the wall or can it just have a plug on the end of the wire leading from all the sockets which is just...
  15. idlefingers

    Id Help Please

    I just noticed this beast in my tank. It looks kind of like a slug and has a few long hairs on it's back. Any ideas as to what it could be?
  16. idlefingers

    Singing Pirahna

    This is quite possibly the most random video ever (even by chemical brothers standards).. Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance He must've been smoking some very whacky whacky backie!
  17. idlefingers

    Something's Wrong With My Salt Mix

    Yesterday I bought a cheap 80ltr tank to mix salt into and heat the water for water changes. I added 50 ltrs RO from my own RO/DI unit with TDS of ~200ppm in, 0ppm out. Then weighed the amount of salt (Seachem Reef Salt) which was advised on the tub of salt and put it in. It's been mixing with...
  18. idlefingers

    Will Bottled Water Be Okay To Calibrate A Refractometer?

    I'm currently buying RO water from my lfs until I buy my own RO unit. I tasted some from one of the 8 containers I bought home to fill the tank with and could taste some salt in it already (I guess the container had been used to mix water with salt before) so I don't trust it to calibrate my...
  19. idlefingers

    The Difference Between Salinity And Specific Gravity

    I was reading someone's post on here last night where they were referring to specific gravity as salinity and it got me thinking about what the difference is between the two. According to wikipedia, salinity is the amount of dissolved salt in water which I can understand. But it's definition of...
  20. idlefingers

    Mdf Wood As A Base For Cabinet

    I've just bought a big piece of 12mm MDF wood to place beneath the cabinet of the new tank I'll be getting soon to spread the weight a bit. The bloke at the DIY shop said that this is the strongest wood they had (other than planks of timber, but they weren't the right size) and is better than...