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  1. yardsales

    Golden Gourami lost some scales?

    Hi, so I have a golden gourami. I inspect him thoroughly every day when I feed him. Tonight he looked great, but I just got home from work today and I immediately noticed a small spot on his back. It looks like he lost some scales. Im trying to be hopeful and tell myself maybe he hit the rock...
  2. yardsales

    Hi, I'd like to update my filter.

    Hey guys. I was wanting to upgrade my filter because I feel like it would be a great benefit for my fish. Currently, I have a Golden Gourami, a Flame Gourami, a Rose Barb, and 2 guppies. I currently have a TopFin 20-gallon hexagon tank...
  3. yardsales

    Novice aquarium owner. Help please?

    Hi, I am relatively new to being an aquarium owner. I got my own apartment in January and I live here by myself. I am a gardener by profession so I truly enjoy plants and all things living. So I wanted to liven up my new place. I first started by adding some house plants and opening the windows...