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  1. RobRocksFishTank

    Questions About My New Fish.

    I forgot about the introduction being possibly being difficult. Ideally, you should get one that is of comparable size and showing the orange coloration. He is relatively young. So, as long as you rearrange your tank it should go smoothly. Float the bag for an extended period to get him used to...
  2. RobRocksFishTank

    Questions About My New Fish.

    He is definitely recovering. I wouldn't try to treat it any more. A full recovery is definitely possible but not guaranteed. He would be really happy if you got him a female. They will more than likely breed and it is a fascinating process to watch. Don't expect to get much for the fry because...
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    White Fluff On Plant

    Actually, just about any camera would probably get more detail. From the info available, my best guess is an errant piece of filter floss.
  4. RobRocksFishTank

    White Fluff On Plant

    I cannot make out any details to even hazard a guess. Can you get some good stills of it?
  5. RobRocksFishTank

    Cycling A Moved Tank?

    If the tank had fish in it, my guess is you are probably good to go. Check your water parameters and if ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates are all 0 before adding any fish just to make sure. You should also make sure that your water conditions are correct for the fish that you would like to put in...
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    No Fish Ammonia Cycle Insane

      Nope, the issue here is too much ammonia.   We were talking about the instructions on this website. The ones with links to a calculator. But that's not going to help at this point.   The temperature in the instructions. That is what we were talking about.
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    Starving Mollies?

    What are your water parameters? It is very important to establish that the environment is okay before making any suggestions.
  8. RobRocksFishTank

    No Fish Ammonia Cycle Insane

    The links are fine but that is not the issue here. You need to get it down to an appropriate level. I did the same thing when I did my first fishless cycle.   Oh yeah, bring the temperature up.
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    New Fish = Old Guppy's Death

    Please see this thread:
  10. RobRocksFishTank

    No Fish Ammonia Cycle Insane

    It sounds like you started with too much ammonia. Do a significant water change to get the level readable and then follow the directions found here for doing a fishless cycle.
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    Aquanano 40 Heater Advice

    Absolutely, the temperature of the replacement water should be the same as the water in the tank. Changes in temperature for environmental reasons like breeding should be done slowly. Sudden drops in temperature can cause a variety of problems like an ich outbreak.
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    Cost And Time Short-Cuts For Fish

    So, misinformation is better than no information. Quite the opposite, really.
  13. RobRocksFishTank

    New 75 Gallon! Need Some Ideas

    Even though you have made a decision, I'm going to add a few things about Africans.   I don't know where you got the information about Africans being boring. They are far from it. The colors alone put SAs to shame. You also find all the typical cichlid behaviors and some not so typical...
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    Things I Can Put In My Tank?

    That's the problem with generalities. Generally, they are usually wrong.
  15. RobRocksFishTank

    Cost And Time Short-Cuts For Fish

    "Lots of bleach" can mean different things to different people. Bleach is dangerous and needs to be handled carefully when associated with fish. It has to be plain bleach and should be used in as small a quantity as possible. Maybe you should quantify your statement with an actual amount per...
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    Cost And Time Short-Cuts For Fish

    There is a recent thread about driftwood. I'll see if I can dig it up.   This isn't the one I was thinking of, but it has some good info.
  17. RobRocksFishTank

    Cost And Time Short-Cuts For Fish

      I would be careful with bleach. Wood is porous and will absorb the bleach. Even with additional soaking it can take a long time to leach back out. I've heard some horror stories that were the result of overdoing bleach. Better safe than sorry has been my approach.
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    Where Do You Get Your Supplies?

    I've had good luck with sales at PetCo and PetSmart. Harder to find items were gotten on Amazon. I got PFS at a local pool store, cheap.
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    What Is This Fish?

    That's a sound plan. I've always like gold barbs.