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  1. Cramer719

    Amazon Swords Turning Brown

    Hello everyone! I am new to planted aquariums, and I am struggling. I have a 60 gal tall tank with Amazon sword, jungle Val and a few more plants in it. Jungle Val has never done well for some reason and now my Amazon swords are starting to wrinkle up and getting a little brown on them. My...
  2. Cramer719

    Help! Fin Rot And Costia!

    Please help me. I have been fighting off Costia in my tank for about 3 days now. It seemed to be clearing up ok until now they have a very aggressive fin rot. I have no idea what to do at this point. I was told you shouldn't combine medications. Please help me. Also I am new to the forum so hello.
  3. Cramer719

    Hello Everyone! And A Question

    Thanks for letting me in on the forum :). I am not a beginner but this is my first planted aquarium. I have a Blue Ram that is acting kind of weird. It keeps all of its fins compressed. Still has a good appetite and swims around. If you guys have any ideas I would greatly appreciate hearing...