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    Wanted Vallis Dwarf Sag Swords And Crypts

    Hi I'm looking for the above as.starting a planted tank again Thanks
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    Dry Ferts And Co2 Pressurised Fe Setup

    Equipment make/model/size tmc dual gauge regulator with solenoid . Empty 2kg co2 fe can fill for £10. Bubble counter . Drop checker and liquid . Co2tubing : Quantity for sale1 : Reason for Sale:downgrading to low tech  Delivery or Collection:both Sales price:70 Postage & Packaging 10 unable to...
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    Help Identifying Algae

    What algae is this please Thanks in advanced need to get rid its annoying me now I have green spot algea so upped my po4
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    Round Pellia And Rotala Sp Green

    Plants:round pellia Quantity for sale: 3 golf ball size Delivery or Collection:both Sales price:£3 Postage & Packaging:1.50 Location teesside Plants rotala sp green top cutting no smaller than 5cm :Quantity for sale: 30 Delivery or Collection:both Sales price:£5 Postage & Packaging:1.50...
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    Fluval Roma 240 Flow Issue

    Hi im suffering with abit of algae in my planted tank I have norrowed it down to flow I think. I have a fluval 305 external filter with a 1600lph powerhead on the left and a 400lph powerhead next tothe return of the external filter The...
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    Making A Spray Bar Help Please

    I have a fluval roma 240 with the holes in the bottom of the tank for the inlet and outlet for the filter The outlet has 2 adjustable nozzles but the flow from these isnt very good If i can find pipes to fit to make a spray bar how have people joined these together With silicone ? Is...
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    How Long To Leave Lights Off After Water Change

    As above tank details 240l 1.5wpg Pressurised co2 Dosing ei
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    Vallis For Sale But Prefer Swap Teesside

    Plants:vallis Quantity for sale: upto 7 plants Delivery or Collection:both Sales price:prefer swap for foreground plants or offers Postage & Packaging:£1.50 Location:teesside Photograph:to follow most plants over 6 inches upto around 12 All negotiations and questions must be posted in this...
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    Algae Problem Solution Help Please

    Since my chane of tank and my ammonia spike which is all settled now thank god I have got a few spots of bga and string alges not a great deal the bga is probably a 20p size on my bog wood So the cause While the ammonia was high I stopped dosing ferts and left my pressurised co2 running to...
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    Huge Amonia Spike

    Hi all just transfered my stock from my 90l to my new 249l transfered the media this was saturday evening Tested the water today and ammonia is 2ppm did 50% water change and ammonia still 2ppm Tap water is testing 0.25 Any advice on what to do or antthing i can buy to help reaolve this...
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    240L Stocking

    Just wanted to check the following are compatable 2 electric blue rams 7-8 killi australe 2m 5-6f And Either 20 cardinal or rummy nose tetra Obviously i wont introduce them all at once Any conflicts ?
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    Unexpected Tank Upgrade Help

    Hi all Upgraded my tank out of the blue didnt plan it or anything I had a roma 90 which is still running and upgraded to a roma 240 Couple of questions The roma 240 came with an external fluval 305 the people i got it of said it had water in up till the morning of ne collecting it so im...
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    Homebargains Slow Release Plant Fertiliser Clusters

    Hi all i bought the above a couple of weeks ago 25 for 99p These are for gardens not aquariums After reading ingredients there didnt seem any nasties in there So i placed 1 into my gravel I have had no change in water quality no loss of fish and since putting it in near my pygym chaib...
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    Non Annual Killifish Wanted

    Im after some killifish preferably australi or other beginer killifish Im in teesside closer the better or posted if possible Thanks Liam
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    Anyone From Teesside And Surrounding Areas

    Just wondering who is from round this area and what is everyone keeping and into ? I have tropical fish mainly guppes and cherry shrimp and looking and starting to get into the planted/aquascapng side mostly Will be good to see whos local and waht everyone is keepng and good recomendations on...
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    Plants Fading Away Advice Needed Again

    Hi again folks me again Plants like my sword are fading all with different syptoms my questions is Should my co2 be on earlier Im in a soft water area could changing to ei with gh booster help And would an external filter with 10x turn over help Or any other suggestions I habe a feeling you...
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    Dry Fert Ei Dose Or Pps?

    Im looking at dry ferts at the minute and been looking at ei and pps pro What system does everyone use from what i understand could possibly be wrong Ei you are basically over dosing the tank so the plants never run out hence you need big water changes And pps pro you just dose what the...
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    Light Times Weekend Longer Hours Good Or Bad

    My light and co2 are set for 8 hours a day co2 an hour before light My question If i set the lights and co2 to be on for 12 hours on a weekend could this cause problems ? Cheers for the help
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    Fluval Roma 90 Planted Shrimp And Guppy Tank

    Hi though i would start a journal of my tank its a roma 90 Fe co2 system 1.5wpg 8hours a day And dosing tpn+ 1.5ml a day Housing roughly 10 guppy fry 1 female aduly guppy And cherry shrimp some of which are berried Plants Hc Round pelia Java moss Java fern Crypt wendtii Anabus nana...
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    Finding Dead Guppies And Shrimp After Chamge To Cat Litter Any Ideas

    Hi all change my substrate on thursday to cat litter tescos clay that i washed for over an hour now im finding dead shrimp n ill looking guppies all my readings are zero my ph is high i think its reading 7.4-7.6 in tank and 7.8 from the tap could this be the cause and how to lower ph Please help